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Oreo TV APK 1.9.1 Download Free For Android (Latest Version) 2021

The people who curious about ThopTV’s amazing live television streaming application will surely find this cool Oreo TV app to be just as excited, thanks to the many useful and affordable features. You are fully free to join the huge online entertainment services with 1000+ available movies, music videos, TV shows, live channels, and more.

Enjoy the fully-featured and accessible mobile application on your mobile devices and TVs, which is able to offer rather more immersive recreation experiences for users. You enjoy the countless content available with the highest possible streaming quality. And also use the many favorable and helpful features in the application that make the whole experience much more fun.

oreo tv


Oreo TV is one of the best and entertaining applications for smartphone and desktop users. This excellent app is officially available for Android users only and is compatible with a wide range of devices. With OreoTV, you can watch high-quality content at no cost. There is a large vary of videos and television series offered. OreoTV is the best application that will enable you to observe the newest TV shows and films, watch them on-line (or) transfer them on to your smartphone/laptop computer (Windows, Mac).

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With that said, there are a lot of different features to look forward to when using Oreo TV for Android, PC, iOS, and FireStick TV. See all the aspects that are included with the application download. You’d be surprised how many great features are associated with the app.

nvidia shield tv oreo

  • Free to use: Firstly, the best point is the Oreo TV application and all its features are free of cost for all users! There are no drawbacks or limitations for you when using the app. The only thing you will have to worry about is not having enough time to enjoy all the available content.
  • No registration required: Also, it will not be necessary to create an account to register. You can instantly open and enjoy the application without having to add your card information.
  • Easy and lightweight download: Oreo TV download is easy to get and install. Also, the size of the app is surprisingly small for the amount of content included. This makes it one of the transmission services with the least storage and consumption of data on the market. Why doesn’t this appeal to you !?
  • Enhanced user interface and navigation: Smooth functionality is the top priority when it comes to the Oreo TV user interface. You will find that your browsing experience is one of the best and easiest to date.
    Variety of Channels to Enjoy: Below is a wide range of TV shows, movies, and more included in this amazing streaming app. You can select from a huge library of over 6000 live channels spread all over the world. These regions include the US, UK, India, Pakistan, and other countries.
  • On-demand content included: Not only are there live channels to enjoy, but also movies and shows on demand. Best of all, everything on-demand from the new version of Oreo TV is absolutely free to download.
    High-quality streaming: And let’s not forget the quality and standard of your videos. Everything is in HD quality resolution with minimal buffering and load times to add. Even the highest quality resolution will experience minimal to zero lag or buffering.
  • Ad-free experience: Besides everything, you can see everything available in the new version of Oreo TV without any ads that interrupt the experience. That’s right, there are absolutely NO ads to seed your visualization or act as a hindrance. Instead, experience the entirety of the app, unlimited and without distractions of any kind.

shield tv oreo

What Oreo TV does?

Here at Oreo TV APK, the mobile users have an approach to its best video, movies, and entertainment services, with lots of movies and TV shows.  All of them have the best possible video quality, providing immersive and fun entertainment on your smartphones. Users can now easily view their favorite videos and movies, and they all need is the best internet.

Simultaneously, you feel free to use the amazing application to enjoy visual content with HD videos in 4K, 2K, FHD, etc. This should afford a lot of views and fascinating experiences whereas utilizing your videos. Also,  this application also works on your Smart Android Televisions, users will undoubtedly find it extremely useful, both for finding determination and freely enjoy the best favorite shows.

Features of OREO TV

Numberless Movies and Shows of varying quality

For starters, Android users on OREO TV can watch movies and TV shows for free, watch hundreds of exciting live ch, and enjoy different kinds of content in the form of videos on their devices. Most significantly, all videos will have the best sound and video quality to ensure that the amusement experience on the Oreo TV platform, that is fully satisfied.

oreo tv free download

To ensure that you easily navigate through the choice of OREO TV, the users can rapidly connect to the classified within the Oreo TV app. Freely search for content on sports, various movie forms, various series TV shows, a lot of other video content. It allows you to fully enjoy the awesome video content.

High Quality Video Streaming App

For those of you curious, work with the integral video player in OREO TV, which has many amazing features that makes video amazing and playback much more immersive. Here you access easily high quality videos. Same time, you can try many standards and modern options in the application that will improve your overall experience. Enjoy playing with the volume, brightness, pause, play, and other settings available.

tv oreo android

Options of Quick control

Same time, you can work with the amazing app, thank you to the included “Turn off”  and “refresh” buttons. Rapidly browse your collection with the latest content and exit the application easily whenever you need it with the single touch control.

Customize certain user interface themes

Now, you can work with the user interface of this app, which will give specific themes to do the application more attractive and interesting. Feel free to choose dark mode, if you want to defend your eyes safe from bright light. Choose an original fresh light mode for a clean, fresh, and well-organized experience. Also try various themes, which are sure to make the app more attractive and interesting.

Enjoy the free Application

At the end, make the application more enjoyable, the mobile users can simply choose the unlocked and free version of OREO TV Mod APK . Here, you enjoy the unlocked features, removed ads, , and many other options. All you need is to download OREO TV from the link given below, also follow the given instruction manual to properly install the application, and you can start enjoying the full-featured app.

oreo tv apk free download

It does not came with the official support

Those who want to run the application on Desktop, iPhone, FireTV or FireStick, you cannot install and download  the official version of the application on your system or devices. And while there are still other ways to download  the application on these platforms, they are not officially based on yet, which is a shameful.

May not available Subtitles

Therefore the application includes a lot of interesting data, some of it does not come in the proper languages. And no subtitles will be added to make your content more atractive and engaging.

Enjoy Finer streaming experiences

Users can finally use the PIP option to well perform multiple tasks simultaneously without interrupting watching movies and videos. Just enable this option and freely customize floating videos on smartphone screens. Change the dimensions and aspect ratio of the screen to better fit your screen and get the most out of your screen.

Always have the approach to live chat

If you have any queries about the Oreo TV and its characteristics, freely access the live chat feature, which provides you with many accessible and simple options. Quickly send your chats to the community or administrators to further enhance your in-app experiences.

oreo tv 2021

Get program and highlights of fashion

And for those of you interested, the OREO TV also provides complete schedules of your favorite fashion, entertainment events, fresh real-time updates, and more. All this will be available for you to check freely and follow.


To start enjoying the amazing app, Mobile users can simply choose and install the free app. But since it is a freemium app, there will be certain restrictions that may bother you while enjoying your movies.

At the same time, the app also requires its users to provide certain access permissions, which are necessary to enable the full-featured app on your system. And your devices should also be running the latest firmware version possible, preferably Android 4.2 and above. This should ensure its compatibility with mobile devices.

How to download and install Oreo TV APK on your Android / IOS smartphone

  • First, download the Oreo TV app.
  • Now download the APK file on your phone.
  • Click the Download APK and Install link.
  • So once the installation process is done, the app icon in the app gallery is now clicked.
  • Now give permission and fill in the required details to log in.
  • Now enjoy Oreo TV

shield tv oreo

Oreo TV APK not Working or Loading Issues

It is quite common to have errors. What is more interesting is solving them! Let’s do it! Fix Oreo TV App Not Working – It mainly happens in two cases, check them out and avoid the problem next time.

Update Oreo TV APK

It is because it is out of date in the application update. Sometimes the older version may not provide you with all the services. Please update the app if you have this problem.

  • Go to the download instructions page here.
  • Download the latest version of Oreo TV Apk.
  • If you don’t know about the installation, read install oreo tv on Android here. You can also find other device tutorials!
Clear cache in OreoTV

Sometimes the application crashes due to an undeleted cache. Delete it as follows.

  • Go to the application settings and search for an application profile.
  • After that, tap on Clear Cache and finish the task.
Fix Oreo TV Apk Not Loading
  • It is only a momentary task. Let’s do it!

Because you don’t have a VPN tool to clear the way for the oreo tv app to serve you. This is also one of the causes of the no-load problem. And you know what to do now!

oreo tv apk

The Disadvantage of the OREO TV app

Oreo TV for iOS, PC, Firesticks: The official developers of Oreo TV are not officially designed for iPhone | Desk | FireStick or FireTV, but you can install this great app on all devices, and we provide a simple step-by-step installation guide for you.

No Subtitle Support: When you want to watch popular videos in other languages, that is, the words you don’t understand, you cannot add a subtitle track to the video.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the Oreo TV App?

A. It is a smartphone app for watching live IPL 2021, movies, web shows, and numerous multiple languages.

Q. Can I watch real-time TV on OreoTV?

A. Absolutely yes. We can watch videos on time on OreoTV.

Q. Is this app illegal?

A. No, its use is completely legal. OreoTV groups provide it.

Q. This app supports Firestick | FireTV | Android TV?

A. Yes, it can. The app works on Firestick. Because the app is from a third party, you will need to upload it to your FireStick device.

Q. Do you have PIP mode?

A. Yes, a minimum version of 8.0 Oreo is required.

Q. In the TV option, why is there no full-screen button available?

A. It is the default option and adapts perfectly to the resolution and Full | Large screen.

Q. Is OreoTV safe?

A. The OreoTV app is 100% safe to download and use on any device it supports.

Q. How to download Oreo TV Mod APK on Android TV, PC, MAC, etc.

A. Oreo Tv is not available on the Google Play Store. You can easily download the latest app from various Oreo TV by using the link provided here.

Q. How to install Oreo TV Ind vs Aus 2021 APK on my Fire Stick?

A. To download and install the Oreo TV app for Firestick, follow the simple steps above.

Q. Is there any charge or subscript to watch Live IPL 2021 on Oreo TV Mod Apk?

A. No, everything is provided at no cost. Just install and enjoy streaming.


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