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Acrylic Wi-Fi Home (Latest Version 2021) Free Download

In this article, we’ll discuss the Acrylic Wi-Fi Home. In the globalized world, everything and every person is connected to the internet. The Internet is a part of our life because most of our daily routine tasks are connected with the internet. To access the internet, Wi-Fi plays a key role in our daily life. Wi-Fi technology is a very useful tool to connect with the internet. It allows you to connect your mobile phone or laptop with the internet when you’re home or at your workplace (if you have it).

Acrylic Wi-Fi Home

You can connect any device such as PCs, smartphones, and laptops with the internet. Wi-Fi networks are the biggest innovation of this century. Homes, Business places, and government offices must have 1 Wi-Fi network to connect with the internet. To connect with the Wi-Fi network, you must have a Wi-Fi scanner on your smartphone or laptop. Most of the devices come with built-in Wi-Fi scanners, but they will not tell you any kind of details about that Wi-Fi connection. So, that’s why this Wi-Fi scanners app launched in the market. From all these Wi-Fi scanners, one of the best Wi-Fi scanners is Acrylic Wi-Fi Home Free.

What is Acrylic Wi-Fi?

Acrylic Wi-Fi is a complete set of programs with all the necessary features that you would know about the Wi-Fi connection. It will show you Wi-Fi coverage, connection security analysis, Internet speed, and the performance of the internet connection whether it is good or not. This overall analysis will help you to determine this Wi-Fi connection is good for you and your work. These Wi-Fi connections vary according to your requirements, some of them are limited and some of them are unlimited.

Acrylic Wi-Fi Home Scanner

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The comprehensive set of all these programs is the Acrylic Wi-Fi Home. With the help of Acrylic Wi-Fi Home, you can scan Wi-Fi connections near you, doesn’t matter it is yours or not.

User-Friendly Interface:

It has a simple and user-friendly interface, so everyone can use this software. To use this software, you just need to follow the simple steps, launch the program, and let the program scan all the Wi-Fi access points in your proximity. The homepage of this program is quite useful and cleaned, well organized and a well-managed interface structure of all functions includes ‘APs’, ‘Packets’, ‘GPS’, ‘Inventory’, ‘Scripting’, and others.

You can check everything easily about the Wi-Fi device on your device.

Monitor all Wi-Fi Connections Near You:

Acrylic Wi-Fi Home for Android will detect all the necessary information about that Wi-Fi network and show it on your device. It can easily detect all the 802.11/a/b/g/n/ac networks and show you all the details include ‘MAC Address’, ‘Channel’, ‘WEP’, ‘WAP’, or ‘WAP2’ type. As well as it will also show you the signal strength of the Wi-Fi network.

Thinking about can you connect your device with that Wi-Fi connection? Don’t worry it will show you a drop-down menu below every Wi-Fi network and here you’ll see an option to enter the password or WPS Pin Number.

Acrylic Wi-Fi Home for Android

Packet Section:

The packet section of the homepage interface of Acrylic Wi-Fi Home shows you the ingoing and outgoing data packets. It will display all these data in a packet tree in a hexadecimal view. As well as show you all the data with proper size and destination address.

GPS Section:

GPS Section will show you the geographic coordinate of your location, which means where you’re located now and the current location of the Wi-Fi network. Moreover, it will show you the condition of the device whether it is compatible with your device to connect or not. Acrylic Wi-Fi Home Free Download

Inventory Section:

The inventory section of this software will enable you to list and manage the access points.

Scripting Section:

The scripting section will able you to create, compile, and test scripts.

Tracker of WLAN:

Acrylic Wi-Fi Home Scanner is a very reliable and user-friendly software. It not just connects your device with a Wi-Fi connection but also gives you all information about Wireless network monitoring operations.

Acrylic Wi-Fi Home Free

What does Acrylic Wi-Fi Home do?

Working on this app is very simple, it will scan all the Wi-Fi networks near you. This app has more than this it has more capabilities and functions include technical support, create a detailed report on Wi-Fi connection its strength, and other features. It is all in one software, every person must use this software.  But there are four versions of Acrylic Wi-Fi, One is Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional and the other one is Acrylic Wi-Fi Home. It is up to you which version is best for you.

How to use Acrylic Wi-Fi Home?

Bear in mind that Acrylic Wi-Fi has 4 versions and all of the versions have different features and capabilities. Most of them have the same features while some of them have fewer features. But the one thing which is common in all these functions is the Wi-Fi scanning feature. Let’s talk about the Wi-Fi scanning feature.

How to use Wi-Fi Scanning Feature?

Whenever you open this app, one thing that you will see every time is it will automatically detect the nearest Wi-Fi connections. The Wi-Fi scanning interface is divided into two different sections, in the first section you will see all the nearest Wi-Fi connections and in the second section, you’ll see a detailed graph that will represent how good internet connection you’re using right now.

The Wi-Fi scanning feature is automatic, you don’t need to worry about how to run a Wi-Fi scanner.

Acrylic Wi-Fi Home Portable

What is the difference between Acrylic Wi-Fi Home and Acrylic Professional?

As is said before, Acrylic Wi-Fi has come in 4 different versions, and all of them are different from one another. Here we discuss these two versions. Let’s start! These two versions are too much different from one another. The home version is just having a Wi-Fi scanner feature and it can check only 5 devices. And the other professional version has some other functions as well.

The most popular functions of Acrylic Wi-Fi professionals are Screen Mode, Wireshark Integration, detailed info of connected devices, technical support. As well as it will also generate reports and data images. All of these features are available in the professional version, but not in Acrylic Wi-Fi Home Free Download.


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