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Free Remote Desktop Ammyy Admin 3.5 Latest 2021 Software Download

Remote computer access software and gullible people are like knives and little children. Sorry for the haunting visual images, but there is one point to make this. Easy-to-install remote control apps don’t scam people! People rip people off! There has been a growing concern about a wave of internet scammers luring people into running Ammyy Admin and giving up control of their computers. Now, you don’t have to be a tech expert to spot this type of BS from a league away. However, people who don’t have the slightest idea about the world of computing and who are too good to be suspicious often fall for the net pun intended.

ammyy admin download

The thing is, Ammyy Admin 3.5 Free download is perfectly fine in terms of security if used correctly. Also, if you intend to use it to fool other people, perhaps you should check your karma levels first. Ammyy Admin Download is the fast and free remote desktop access software with a free remote access software for Windows. It has two main features one of them is remotely controlled by another computer and the other remote desktop sharing. In the remotely control another computer you can control other computers and do other tasks like office setup, administration, support, or other educational purposes. Ammyy Admin is a free remote access software for Windows with two main functions.

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The first is to remotely control another computer for tasks like support, administration, office setup, or even educational purposes. The second one is remote desktop sharing and with its File Manager feature, you can transfer up to 140TB of data. Launched in 2011, Ammyy Admin has brought together many of the best features of remote access software in one program. Ammyy Admin is an excellent inclusive software for Windows users Ammyy Admin is fast and easy to use.

Why Ammyy Admin 3.5 is So Special?

There are a large number of programs that allow the remote control of computers. Why Ammyy Admin 3.5 is so special? Well, aside from the fact that it has become quite infamous thanks to its misapplication, Ammyy Admin 3.5 free download is a lightweight application that doesn’t need to be installed. This feature makes it very portable and the interface of Ammyy Admin 3.5 free download is relatively straightforward. On the left side, you have your Ammyy ID and IP number, although on the right you have the necessary controls to connect to another computer. In order for someone to control your computer, they must enter their ID or IP.ammyy admin scam

As long as your client is waiting for the session has not stopped. When the other party requests a joining to your computer, you will be asked to agree. By accepting, the other client will open a window showing their desktop with direct control over it. There is more than that, of course, you can set up a contact book and store the IDs that you normally connect to. You can also set default connection rules. For example, you can configure your computer to accept control of a specific ID. This is very useful when you know that no one is here when connecting from the other side and here is also a password option.

ammyy admin 3.5 free download for windows 7 64 bit

Ammyy Admin 3.5 Free Download For Windows:

The control window also has a few options. Along with some tools for key combinations, you can open an additional window that displays the host’s file system. That way, you can more easily navigate to what you are looking for than through the host interface. There are a few more features and tools, but for the most important part, this is what you’ll use if you decide to use Free Ammyy admin download 3.5. Ammyy Admin 3.5 is fast and easy to use. Connect remote computers in seconds without any installation or configuration. Sharing your desktop with a friend or coworker can happen in just a few easy steps.

ammyy admin 3.5 free download for windows 7 64 bit

You can even connect to computers with no one on the other end. The interface is also very intuitive, so you won’t have to waste time with a manual trying to figure it all out. Some remote access software can start to over-complicate the look while having fairly basic functionality. Ammyy Admin Download is the reverse of this. If you need any remote desktop software then this is the best software for you. Definitely, you love this software so hurriedly go and download the Ammyy admin 3.5 free downloads for windows from the download link that given below. I am sure you love this software

Features of Ammyy Admin:

The first and amazing feature you will come across when downloading this is that it is free. Who doesn’t love the free software? A second feature that you will notice as soon as the download is complete is that the Ammyy Admin scam does not require an installation process. You simply need to open the .exe file and you are good to go! I can assure you that this is not standard in all the remote access software.

free ammyy admin download 3.5

One of the main anxieties you may have when using this type of software is security. Luckily, Ammyy Admin uses an advanced secured hybrid encryption algorithm AES and RSA that guarantees a very secure connection. Because it proposes such a high level of security, it appeals to businesses but is also significant for their own connections. Another reason companies may be interested to use Ammyy Admin but again, it’s not bad for personal use is the voice chat feature. This can be used for anything from lectures to classes.

ammyy admin 3.5 free download for windows 7 32 bit

Besides Ammyy Admin’s capability to take remote control of another computer, its ability to exchange files is a huge plus for the software. Ammyy admin TeamViewer allows you to copy files between local and remote computers with up to 140TB. That is a huge amount of space and a lot more than you will probably need. You can even stop and start downloading without the loss of any information. You can create files, move them, rename them, delete them, and more in this amazing software.

  • Remote desktop works without installation: Ammyy Admin is ready to use within seconds after downloading without any installation. In this simply send the link to the download page to your companion, set the ID that is automatically generated of the PC you are going to control remotely, and start remote desktop sharing. You can also use the privacy option and remote connection access verification settings.
  • Remote server control: You can use this free software for remote control of your PCs and servers without any human attendance on the client-side. It facilitates remote desktop control of unattended computers. This allows you to restart, log in, logout, switch users, and more using the Remote Desktop Sharing Service.
  • Fast performance: Regardless of the type of Internet connection you have, dial-up or LAN at any speed, it provides ideal display performance through an internal traffic optimization procedure. You can physically set the balance between image quality or data transfer speed.
  • High level of security in data transfer: All communication with the remote desktop, including screen images, cursor, keyboard, and files transferred between local and remote computers, are encoded by a high-standard AES and RSA security algorithm that uses different keys for each meeting. Encryption mode is always on and it does not open remote or local PC. Provides classy management of remote access rights through an exclusive hardware ID and password.
  • Voice chat: You can use a headset to communicate with your partners at the remote desktop using the voice of the program chat feature. This feature is widely used for online virtual lectures, presentations, and classes.
  • Transparent to the firewall and easy to use:  Ammyy Admin for PC has no additional adjustments are required to the firewall or VPN connection settings, exposing local PCs or remote computer networks to the risk of security errors. You can easily access remote computer desktops behind NAT gateways without port mapping. It has a very easy to use interface and It is easy to use and can be managed by both expert and inexpert PC users.
  • File manager: Provides file manager function so you can copy files and folders between local and remote desktops up to 140TB in size with the capability to resume episodic downloads without loss of information. The range of file and folder operations on the remote computer desktop includes create, delete, move, rename, and more.
  • A host of features at a competitive price: Ammyy Admin offers you this multitasking software at a very modest price. Improve your business by reducing costs and increasing the quality of control. You can be sure that you are getting one of the best Remote Desktop solutions with Ammyy Admin software.
  • Security Of Ammyy Admin: There is no need to concern about firewall, NAT, or port mapping. Your firewall or VPN was not requiring any settings as Ammyy Admin is clear, which helps keep local PCs and remote computer networks threatened. You don’t need anybody to take care of the remote desktop you access. Ammyy Admin permits you to take full control: change user, login, logout, restart, cut, paste delete the computer, etc.

Ammyy Admin 3.5 Technical Details:

  • Compatible with all Windows
  • File Size is 755 Kb
  • RAM Required is 128 MB
  • Processor Required is Single Core

ammyy admin 3.5

Pros and Cons of Ammyy Admin 3.5:


  • Installation is not required
  • User sociability
  • Quality will be adjusted for good performance


  • Nothing except you are willingly hired strangers to control your computer!


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