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ApowerSoft Video Download Capture Version Free Download

Apowersoft Video Download Capture is basically a video downloading the app, with a lot of useful features. With its user-friendly interface with drop-down menus to perform various functions, it is too easy to use. It makes its worth in the market with some awesome features like a video converter, a screen recorder, and a smart search engine. Search Engine will help you to find out your desired files.

You can download videos from top video sharing websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, etc. After downloading your file, it’s up to you to change the format of the video with a powerful converter. Apowersoft Video Download Capture Free allows you to convert your files into different formats without losing the quality of the video. It also able you to record your screen, while watching movies or playing games. You can also take screenshots of your PC screen while watching videos.

Apowersoft Video Download Capture

It’s like All-in-One software in the market with lots of awesome functions. It also has a little pack of Video Editing tools. So, you can edit your recordings or create your own personalized content such as tutorials. Its working is so simple and can be explained in 3 ways.

  • Search your video and paste a URL in Apowersoft Video Download Capture, it will locate the video file.
  • Select your desired audio or video quality format.
  • Download your Video and select the folder to save the video. Awesome!

Summary of the topic is, this software is a complete software with all the good tools. Download, Convert, and Edit videos are top of the list.

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Apowersoft Video Download Capture Features:

The key features of this program are available below. Check Out the Cool Features!

Direct Download Audio & Video Files:

Search out your desired audio and video file with a strong search engine. After finding out, paste the URL and download the audio and video file in your selected format. MP4, MKV, MP3, AAC are on the top of the list.

Apowersoft Video Download Capture 2020

Powerful Search Engine:

With the powerful search engine and separate independent detect page and a lot of kernels, you can download more encrypted videos. Instantly, this program will detect the real file. It doesn’t matter how you play protected videos adopting HTTP, HTTPS, RTMP, RTMPT, and other protocols on the detect page.

Apowersoft Video Download Capture

Rich-Content Gallery:

Feeling bored? Don’t know what you want to watch? Apowersoft Video Download Capture Latest Version comes with a built-in rich-content library that has a huge collection of movies, serials including Recent, Recommend, and Popular. Furthermore, you can also search for your favorite movie. After this library, you won’t miss the latest, trending, and hot movies on the internet.

Apowersoft Video Download Capture Latest Version

Manage Task List:

The interface of this software is very user-friendly and well managed in drop-down menus. The download section is divided into three types – Downloading, Completed, and Trash. With these sections, you can easily aware of all task states, including the videos being downloaded and have been downloaded. Even By Mistake, if you delete some videos and want to restore them. You can restore this from the trash section in Apowersoft Video Download Capture.

Apowersoft Video Download Capture Free Download

Smart Task Schedule:

Sometimes, you want to download a lot of videos, which are probably time-consuming tasks. Instead of this, you can take help from the task schedule option. You don’t need to wait until all videos are downloaded. You will free up your important time by assign the task to your computer to “Shutdown”, “Lock”, “Sleep” or “Quit” once all the videos are downloaded.

Optimized with All Tools:

Here you can see the tools which make this software King of the market. All of the best features of this program are listed below which helps you to understand the features.

Clean and Clear User Interface:

For a better user experience, the latest version of Apowersoft Video Download Capture For PC is more concise, clean, and clear. It is designed according to the latest design concepts and technology of this era. With its user-friendly interface, it is very easy for a user to understand. You can understand. “How to use the tools of this software”.

HD Screen Recorder:

Happiness is that the latest version of this app is rich with Screen Recorder. You can record your screen while playing games or watching movies. You can use this software to record screens in a proper way.

Apowersoft Video Download Capture For PC

Download Playlists:

Now you can easily download your favorite Web Series or Drama playlists. You just need to select the video or playlist URL and paste it into the download section, it will automatically pick up the playlist or video for you and download it.

Convert your Videos:

Literally, you couldn’t direct download videos in a satisfying format, which is suitable for your device. The market is very vast and full of devices, but Apowersoft Video Download Capture’s new video converter function makes your task easy. It supports all the best possible formats which are compatible with many devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, DVD, etc.

Apowersoft Video Download Capture For Mac

Create Effective Accounts:

One of the best features of this app is, it supports premium video sites. Fill up your account and save your password in on the accounts panel. Now, you can save all your favorite movies from Lynda to your local drive.

Apowersoft Video Download Capture Free

Faster Downloading Speed:

Tired of slow internet downloading speed? Using the latest version of Apowersoft Video Download Capture 2020, you will enjoy a downloading speed up to 10MB/s. Therefore, you can download the movies within minutes.

Apart from all the cool functions of this software mentioned above, this program is rich with some other amazing tool packs. The more likely is “Edit Audio”, Add to iTunes”, “Add to mobile”, etc. This software will be the best choice for you if you’re looking for multiple function video downloader software.

Apowersoft Video Download Capture Info:

  • Title:                            Video Download Capture
  • Language:                  English
  • Available languages: English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish
  • License:                      Free to Try
  • Developer:                  Apowersoft
  • File Size:                     71MB

Apowersoft Video Download Capture PC Requirements:

  • OS:                          Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • RAM:                       256MB
  • HDD/SDD Space:   150MB
  • Processor:              Intel Pentium 4 or Higher.


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