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Bit Slicer is a software for Mac that offers you the opportunity to train for numerous games without having to restart the game session. The utility is capable of finding different variables and allows you to modify them in real-time. By using this way, you can easily adjust your score, the number of lives remaining, the amount of ammunition, etc.

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What is Bit Slicer & How it Works:

The memory scanner is easy to use and allows you to change the value of different variables. The Bit Slicer Mac application comes with a memory scanner that allows you to identify variables by looking up numerical values. At the same time, the application includes a memory viewer, an x86 / x86-64 debugging tool. It allows you to expand its capabilities by integrating the various scripts. Bit Slicer Latest Version For Mac

Bit Slicer For Mac

It organized the user interface with an intuitive workflow. To get started, within the main Bit Slicer window. You have to select the game you want to process then it automatically detects all the applications installed on your Mac. In this process, it reduces the procedure to choose a suitable title from a drop and down menu. In the next step is to find that interests you. Then start with the entering of the current numeric value and then repeat again and again the search until you get the relevant result.

The developer also provides you an online manual for the apps that contain useful information on how to search, debug variable, and the script run. These all the features are good for you. It enables you to quickly adjust the value of the different game variables. You done this without dealing with the complex tool yet bit slicer is the pack of couples of powerful tools.

So, in the short the Bit Slicer allows you to watch the write access for a variable in order to identify it within the built-in debugger. It enables you to search variable by value and filter the results, its certificates you to write and run scripts that can deal with numerous tasks

Bit Slicer Mac

The Bit Slicer application enables you to search variables by value and filter the results, allows you to watch the write access for a variable in order to identify it within the built-in debugger, and certificates you to write and run scripts that can deal with various tasks on their own.

Features of Bit Slicer:

Memory inspection is the main feature in which it dumps memory to files for the manual investigation. It changes the memory protection features and observes and fix the memory live. The memory checker detects and values the different categories from the strings to the pointers. It adds, removes, and changes the variables and also freezes the variable values. You can play with the pointer and saves the process of the full virtual memory stage. It looks at the values that are depending on the incremental modifications.

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The debugger installs the breakpoint and it offers a report when they are damaged and observes the backtracks. It modifies the instructions and manipulates them. It changes the bytes directly and controls why the instructions access the variable. It injects the x86 code on the fly.

  • Memory scanner
  • Memory viewer
  • Scrubber
  • Save court documents
  • Pause and resume the process
  • Undo and redo many types of changes included searches
  • Automatically Evaluate mathematically
  • Run as a normal user
  • Document version control
  • Window restores
  • Notification Center

Latest Updates:

  • Remove possible bad memory access crashes.
  • Fixed the bug when variables script description was incorrectly marked
  • They added Russian locations in the latest updates
  • Fixed issue with variable value modifications
  • Tab bar disable for memory viewer, logs windows and debugger

System Requirements:

  • Intel 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.8 or late


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