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M File Anti-Copy is software that ensures the safety of your computer by preventing a copy of the files and folders. M File Anti-Copy is easy to use and user-friendly interface. By using this app, you can activate an anti-copy protocol for specific files, drives, folders, and file types or for all. When you want to anti-copy for the specific folders, files, and drive then you just enable the anti-copy and then you create an exclude and include the list. While you are using this application, you are able to enable the anti-delete and the anti-run for files, folders, and drivers.

m-file anti copy

These executions are only just for the specific windows tittles. As well as you can execute it on the USB devices and able to makes the USB storage read-only, close the USB ports. Additionally, in this the “Other” menu allows you to block the windows and registry entries of the Command Prompt, Drag and Drop method, Windows CD burning, uploading, and connecting files, “Send to” menu, and as well as the formatting of the drives. It is small storage software that uses a small amount of CPU and the system resources and it includes the online help file. M File Anti-Copy doing a great job while it comes to restricting the user access to the content on your computer.

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Overview M File Anti-Copy

It is specially designed for the corporate user but it is also an amazing and perfect software for the home users. If let’s suppose you have a small company that is developed by the small games for PC, mobile devices, and the console. This app is suitable when you have mon than a hundred employees in the various areas of your company or your company is working on the new games, discretion, and security then this app is suitable. Keep and track of all the employees at once can be awfully difficult. For all these situations M File Anti-Copy is developed.

This advanced new software m file anti-copy v5.5 incl keygen-brd torrent, you can protect your folders and files for being copied. It can also lock the USB devices, run files, rename or delete them and much more. M File Anti-Copy can also block the installation of unwanted software and files on your computer like spyware, viruses, and like others.

m file anti-copy v5.5 incl keygen-brd torrent

Functions New in this Version:

These are an important function is in the M File Anti-Copy 5.0

  • Old bugs fixed
  • Works on XP, Vista, Seven
  • More speed and security
  • Anti-Copy for specific drives
  • Anti-Copy for specific folders
  • Anti-Copy for specified
  • Anti-Copy for specified file types
  • Beautiful new design
  • Wastes fewer system resources (RAM, CPU)
  • Anti-Run for specified window titles
  • Anti-Run for all files (you can define exclusion list)
  • Anti-Run for USB devices
  • Anti-Delete for all files and/or folders
  • Can run protected files

M File Anti-Copy is itself very complex and complete software that didn’t allow you to copy your files and folder. In this, you can block the access of files and folders and protect your private information from being copied and deleted. This is a great software if you want to protect your personal data. It is very reliable if you didn’t want your files to get not in the wrong hands and by this, you save your data and protect it from being used in the wrong way.

Why M File Anti-Copy?

It is a useful and necessary software because it offers a secure, safe, and practical solution to your problems like file theft, misuse of data. M File Anti-Copy specially used for the cooperate use of the system or for the company. It can also be used at home or for personal use, it protects your personal or professional data. It is a pack of some great features that all are specially designed and useful in daily use. The user interface of M File Anti-Copy is professional, easy to manage, and well designed.

software to prevent copying files

The function of M File Anti-Copy

  • Avoid and Stop cutting
  • Avoid and Stop pasting
  • Avoid and Stop copying
  • Avoid and Stop erasing
  • Avoid and Stop copying a
  • Avoid and Stop moving
  • Avoid and Stop sending to
  • Avoid and disable renaming
  • Disable the End Process button in the Task Manager
  • Doesn’t allows you to right-click on the process
  • It doesn’t allow to click end the process
  • Grays out the context menu items
  • Disable the short keys like CTRL + C, CTRL + X, and CTRL + V
  • Help stop to transfer the data
  • Easy to stop the sending of data
  • Avoid stopping and pasting of data and files.
  • It helps us to stop deleting data.

The M File Anti-Copy is fully secured and safe and protects your data so if you need protection then it is the best software for windows. Installed the setup of and just place the top folder in the system program of the files folder. You can also add the shortcut and icon on your desktop. Firstly, you need to run the program and click to prevent the files and then set the hotkey to stop the prevention. The short keys are also available for this software. The single hotkey kills all the protections.

  • You can set it by CTRL + P
  • For hotkeys kill pre_1 Win + F8
  • For hotkeys kill pre_2 Win + F9

m file anti-copy full

How to Download and install the M File Anti-Copy for Windows

  • First, you need to download the M File Anti-Copy for Windows from the link that given below
  • After downloading the file, you need to use the WinRAR to extract the file.
  • After extracting you need to install the M File Anti-Copy in your system and open it
  • Then you configure your hotkey to disable the copy paste delete features.
  • Then you simply save the hotkey that you want and then press ok.
  • Now everything is ready and now your system is protected.
  • Nobody is able to get your data from your hard drive.


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