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Net Traffic Monitor is a free tool for Windows, traditional network traffic monitoring tools examine using hardware probes or packet analyzers to provide detailed information about network traffic. The hardware probes need complex deployment procedures and usually do not account for IP security traffic. Additionally, the packet analyzers flood you with the results and that results don’t offer a direct view of specific traffic on the network. As the result, the departments of information technology face a longer troubleshooting cycle. It takes a long time to make the criteria decision that affects the network.

Net Traffic Monitor is a traffic monitoring tool that requires less time and effort, produces better results for the business. Net Use Traffic Monitor analyzes the net flow and collects the rough details about the IP traffic without affecting the performance of the device or increasing the cost. The exported net Flow data manage the visibility and they need to understand the WAN (Wide Area Network) Network. It is packed with a powerful direct report on the top callers, conversation, and more. Net Traffic also tells us the IT team exactly what they need in the troubleshoot and informed the capacity of the planning decisions.

Net traffic monitor 2020

What is network traffic?

Network traffic is also called traffic or data traffic that refers to the data moving through a network. The data of traffic made up of packets that are the small fundamental unit of the data that pass through the network. Net Traffic Monitor is split in these packets for the transmission and reassembled of the data. These packets are consisting of the raw data and the headers that contain information.

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Net Traffic Monitor Multitasking

At the same time Net traffic monitor, analyze, and track the network traffic data. It identifies the root cause of the slow network that depends on the monitoring performance of the net traffic and device. BAP (Bandwidth Analyzer Pack) is a network traffic monitor that combines the best feature of NPM (Network Performance Monitor) and NTA (NetFlow Traffic Analyzer). With the help of Bandwidth Analyzer Pack, you can measure the network traffic through your network by digging into bandwidth and packet path metrics.

It is easy to detect, diagnose, and resolve the problems of network performance. it is designed to make it easy to track the traffic of the network by taking advantage of the single interface. You can customize the interface all in one view. It shows the problem with the help of graphs and histograms that offer a wide view. It is also designed to help you improve the wireless coverage of the traffic and identifies the dead zone.

net traffic monitor free

Why you monitor the traffic on your network?

The reasons for monitoring the traffic on your network are the following

  • Improving the internal visibility of connected devices
  • Anticipate the interruptions
  • Blind Spot Elimination of the network
  • Detect the malware activities
  • Get immediate ROI
  • Fix operational and security problems
  • Identify and fix the problems fastly
  • Weak encryption
  • Protocol detection
  • Meet the needs of compliance
  • Compilation of historical records
  • analysis that what is happening on your network.
  • Compilation of reports on SLA

Do you want to know who is using your Bandwidth?

It identifies the main users of network bandwidth and understands the usage of bandwidth to maintain the high speed of the network. Before buying the new bandwidth or the users starting complaining about the slowdown of the network or the internet is slow, firstly, you must identify who is the main user on the network. It is designed to help you find and identify the main partner on your network that is using your bandwidth.

By finding the other partner you can resolve the problem of bandwidth and ensure the better performance of the network. It is a network that is monitoring the solution that leverages SNMP, NetFlow, J-Flow, sFlow, Net Stream, and IPFIX monitoring built in the most routers. By this, you can identify the applications, protocols, and users that are consuming your bandwidth. Then you save your money by shutting down those bandwidth-hogging users.

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Features of Net Traffic Monitor:

  • Identification of the main speakers
  • Conversations on the network
  • Monitoring and forecasting traffic trends and usage patterns
  • Monitor network traffic
  • Bandwidth monitoring by the department
  • Device-only management: categorize devices
  • Organize the into logical groups
  • Monitor traffic reports
  • Improve resource utilization accounting
  • Improve real-time bandwidth
  • Improve network usage statistics.
  • Site-to-site traffic monitoring

Download the Net traffic Monitor Full Version For Windows

  • Firstly, download the Net Traffic Monitor from the download button given below
  • After downloading, Extract the downloaded file with the help of WinRAR
  • Open the extracted file and install the software in your system
  • Now the Net Traffic Monitor is in your system, used it Enjoy


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