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Caffeine Mac is a small tiny Tool that is a useful desktop tool. Caffeine Mac allows the user to control their screen to sleep, dim, and screensaver times. You just download and with the one-click, on the menu bar icon, you can activate this amazing tool. By downloading this you can avoid your screen from going to sleep. If you want to get Caffeine properties on MacOS then just press down the Command key when you clicking on this tool. It is an icon that is on the right side of your menu bar.

caffeine mac catalina

This is an extremely lightweight app and the size is around 250KB.  It is not just useful for Mac laptop users who want to control their battery usage and save battery life by strictly managing their screen power usage. It is also used for desktop users to control their battery timing by controlling the screen usage. The users who didn’t want their data and information to show up on the desktop for a too long time if they are not working and sitting on their mac devices. Free Download Caffeine Mac

Caffeine Mac setup is really simple and activates it on your screen by going through the simple steps. You easily launch the tool at set up and start the application by just logging in. when the application starts the notification appears to the user then simply sets the duration of the time in which the application remains active. After starting it with just a simple one clicks on it in its menu bar, then it’s started from a few minutes to indefinitely. The additional feature of Caffeine for Mac, you can also set a timer to turn of this tool. For example, you can off it after your work hours are over.

caffeine windows alternative

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History of Caffeine Mac:

Caffeine is originally developed by Tomas Franzen of Lighthead software in 2006. It is a well-known tiny program that is loved and recommended by many Mac users. The simplicity of Caffeine Mac allowed you to continue working perfectly long after active progress stop.

For many users, Caffeine Mac began experiencing issues with the launch of macOS Mojave due to the enhanced privacy features and controls introduced preventing Caffeine from working properly. Then We reached out to Tomas to ask if we could continue the development of caffeine. Because we believe that it fits perfectly with our vision of software that is very simple, powerful, and flexible. Then the Tomas provided the source code under an open-source license. He allowing to continue the develop developing Caffeine where he left off from this tool.


Caffeine works with the F15 key and up event every 59 seconds. F15 is probably the least invasive and the least likely key to interfere with your work. This tool will interfere with some apps like

  • PowerPoint
  • Google Docs/Sheets
  • Smartsheet
  • Terminal emulation

brew install caffeine

Caffeine Mac Command:

There are some commands that are used to modify the behavior of this app.

  • xx: it is a number that sets the # of seconds between virtual keypresses
  • startoff: the tool starts disabled.
  • exit after:xx : the tool will terminate after xx (set time )minutes
  • active for:xx: the tool will become inactive after xx (set time ) minutes
  • inactive: xx: the tool will become active after xx (set time ) minutes
  • appexit : dismisses current running instance of the tool
  • appon : makes the currently running application active
  • appoff : makes the currently running application inactive
  • apptoggle : toggles the running state of the current running occurrence
  • apptoggleshowdlg – toggles the running state and shows dialog box on the screen
  • replace : closes the currently running instance and replacing it
  • noicon : does not show the icon on the menu bar
  • useshift : instead the use of F15 simulate the shift key
  • showdlg : when caffeine is active shows a dialog indicating a notification
  • ontaskbar : show a taskbar button
  • allowss : prevent to sleep and allow the screensaver to start it
  • key:xx : simulate the using virtual key code xx (time)
  • keypress : simulate the full keypress and not just a key up event
  • oldicons : use more colorful tray icons of Caffeine Mac
  • darkicons : use it to work better for dark mode color schemes
  • watchwindow:xx : active only at which time it sets.

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Caffeine Mac Version:

  • v1.81 – May 2020
  • v1.80 – January 2020
  • v1.64 – September 2017
  • v1.63 – February 2017
  • v1.62 – April 2016
  • v1.61 – October 2015
  • v1.60 – July 2013
  • v1.50 – November 2010
  • v1.40 – July 2009
  • v1.35 – May 2009
  • v1.30 – February 2009
  • v1.20 – March 2008

How to Download the Caffeine Mac Latest Version:

  • Download the latest version of the Caffeine Mac app from the given link below
  • Then simply click the Launchpad icon and launch Caffeine.
  • Click on Automatically start Caffeine at login in the Welcome to Caffeine
  • If you want to have this tool run every time you log in The only settings will put on the Caffeine Mac icon in your top menu bar.
  • Click the Activate Caffeine at launch
  • After activating simply use it.

caffeine mac terminal

Clicking on the icon of Caffeine Mac in the top menu bar to toggle Caffeine Mac activity. If the full of coffee cup icon appears then Caffeine is enabled on your Mac device. Or if the icon will appear as an empty cup then it means that Caffeine is not enabled on your device.


Overall this tool does not offer anything bigger and attractive. But it saves your battery life to make your performance good. It is a simple execution and the ability to modify a part of the Mac OS X system. The tool that affects their systems and gives a good performance that makes it very attractive to a large number of people. Give it a try and enjoy this tiny tool.

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