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Fliqlo is well-designed customization software that is developed by independent web and User interface designers, Yuji Adachi. Fliqlo is a screensaver clock that allows you to turn your laptop screen or desktop into a folding clock. Although the capabilities of this app are more than the screensaver, it provides accurate time and you can also switchable time between 12-hour or 24-hour clock format.

This app is available on Mac or Windows both. In the last version, they offer more customizable features such as brightness control, screen orientation, view the clock on the main screen, or on the multiple screens and it also has an option to show or hide the background. The main category of Fliqlo Mac is the Screensavers & Wallpaper

Fliqlo Mac

Fliqlo is the freeware software that allows you to make your laptop look like a flip clock. It displays the time with the black background and the white numerals and the time display with the flip animation in large. The visibility of this flip clock is absolutely great you can read the time even from the distance. It is a lightweight software with the mini size. It is an ideal tool that is specially designed for office workers.

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If you are the black lover then you definitely love this app. I think the black and white color format is definitely amazing. Personally, I used this app and I didn’t imagine another color except for black and white. These colors make this tool elegant and unique. If you are interested and want to download and try this then don’t waste time and download it from the link that is given below.


  • Enlarge the reduce the flip time to any size
  • Switch between 12-hour or 24-hour clock format
  • You can switch between portrait the landscape screen orientation
  • Brightness control is available inside the screensaver
  • Option to show and hide the background

Download Floqlo For Mac

Downloading and Installing the Fliqlo:

Fliqlo is a freeware software that is easy to download. Downloading and installation steps are given below for the Fliqlo.

  • Click on the Fliqlo download link that is given below.
  • Scroll to the last of the page and choose Download for Mac and Windows
  • If the window does not open the downloaded software automatically then look for the name “Fliqlo” in the Finder.
  • Double click on “Fliqlo.saver” A warning message may appear about the application as a Dialog Box from unidentified developers. If you trusted then you can control + click or right-click “Fliqlo.saver” and select the open button from the menu. If you don’t trust the file, don’t open it.
  • Click “Install” to complete when the System Preferences will open to the Screen Saver section
  • On the left, select the screensaver from the list to preview and enable it. Maybe you need to scroll down to the end of the list to find screensaver Fliqlo.
  • Select “Screen Saver Options” to choose the size of the numbers on your screen according to your need.
  • So, the Fliqlo is installed Now Enjoy!

Some technical and Drawback problems also come while installing and using this app. Before you can use this customization application, you need to install an Adobe Flash Player plug-in. Without this software, the watch screen protector could hardly function. Additionally, Fliqlo is limited to a single-color palette, black and white and you weren’t able to change and color and format. The black and white format may not match all your needs or style preferences.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are weighing options to download this tool or not is that some users might notice. The unusual events happen with their CPU activity and it specifically occurs in Mac devices. When you look at and investigate the history of your iStat menu then you will notice a strange spike and it automatically decreases in CPU usage every minute while the screen saver is in use. May it decreasing the CPU usage and save usage.

Fliqlo mac

Fliqlo is Ideal for Office Workers:

It is one of the best clock themed screensavers that it is recommended to everyone, especially for office workers. It is a highly customizable and efficient tool that provides you accurate time and also controls brightness and screen orientation.  It contains some inconveniences and glitches but all these all are minor issues. So, this is an ideal screensaver clock that is specially designed for office workers. So, you try this app believe me it’s great.

Pros & Cons:


  • You can see the time without having to remove the screensaver
  • It is minimalist and simple and elegant
  • The software takes less than a minute to install because it is lightweight.
  • Highly customizable software.


  • There are no options to customize the style of the watch.
  • Single color black and white design palette (but I think it is a con because that color makes this app unique)
  • When this app is in use unusual CPU activity occurs.


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