6 Easy Best Way to Force Quit Mac Exit Frozen Applications

The apps on Mac didn’t always respond to the user commands, so the active process still inhabits the system memory. Then you may need to force the quit apps to fix the frozen mac. Mac OS is giving you a rotating beach ball of death or a specific app is taking too long to close, sometimes you just need to close an app right away. Luckily, you have options, and there is more than one way to Force Quit Mac to close an unresponsive application. Note that unlike the normal method of exiting an application, there will be no message asking you to save your work or settling your choice.

force quit mac

Once you press to force close, it’s too late for all of that, and macOS will directly close the application without any warning. Just a word of caution: forced abandonment should be the last resort. Has one of your Mac Force Quit applications frozen? Are you looking at a spinning beach ball? Has your mouse stop working? These are all signs that suggest that an application has stopped working and you need to Force Quit Mac before it can continue. Then how do you force close application on a Mac? or else if you’re using Windows, how do you handle alternate deletion on a Mac?

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How to Force Quit on Mac and Ctrl + Alt + Delete on a Mac

Windows users aware of the typical Ctrl + Alt + Delete key combination, the measure of the last option when an application stops responding. Clicking Ctrl + Alt + Del on a Mac will be done nothing in results, that’s if you can find that type of classic keys: on some Mac keyboards the Alt key is called Option, the Control key is there, but its equal on a Mac is actually the key. Command, and there is typically no key marked as Delete. Thus, how do you force shut the application on a Mac?

how to force quit on mac

Actually, there is more than one way to Mac Force Quit an application on a Mac. Here we will show you a variation of ways to problem creating an application and close them, without the need to restart the power button. If you find that your applications stop responding on a daily basis and it’s not always the same, then it may be worth backing up all your data and do the full clean install of mac os. This is a pretty nuclear option and it might be saved you a lot of headaches in the extended route.

6 Best Ways to Force Quit on Mac:

Now let’s get to that. Here’s how to quit apps on force quit Mac.

1: Keyboard Shortcut for Force Quit Mac:

Starting with one of the best and easiest way to Force Quit Mac with the keyboard short cut keys. Press the command + option + escape from anywhere for Force Quit Mac through the keyboard.  Bring simple the Force quit Mac and then click on the app name and select. Click the Force Quit button this will end the app directly. Force Quit on a Mac is the simple version of the activity monitor. So quickly quitting from the app in Mac. You are going to remember nothing else for quitting apps in Mac OS X. remember just these keys that are Command + Option + Escape.

how to force quit mac

2: Currently Force Quit Mac Active App:

Press the Command + Option + Shift + Escape for a second until the app forcibly closes. Be sure while doing this the app that you want to force quit is the primary application on the Mac. These keys are forcefully quit whatever is active are quite. The quickest way to force quit the application in Mac OS X and a very good keyboard shortcut to remember the Force Quit Mac.

force quit on mac

3: Force Quit Mac Apps by using Dock:

Use the Option + Right Click on an application icon in the Dock and bring up the Force Quit Mac option. By selecting this will quit the app without any validation. The Dock Icon with Option key modifier is used for the Force Quit Mac.

how to force quit application on mac

4: Force Quit Mac App from the Apple Menu:

Press the Shift Key and click on the Apple menu and find Force Quit Application. This is easy to remember that the most powerful method is going to the menu and just by clicking the one you can easily quit the freeze application.

how to force quit chrome on mac

5: Use Activity Monitor to Force Quit Apps:

Activity Monitor is a very powerful way to quit any app, task, daemon, or process running on MacOS X forcibly. You can find it in the application utilities or open it from the spotlight with Command + Space. Then type the Activity Monitor and the return key. Activity Monitor is very easy to use just select the process name or ID you wish to kill. Hit the red and quit the process button.

how to force quit on mac when frozen

6: Using the Terminal & Kill Command:

If all the method fails for Force Quit Mac app then using the command line to quit the process the issuing the low-level kill command. You just launch the terminal and type one of the following commands.

How to open force quit on mac

If all else fails, using the command line is a surefire way to force an app or process to quit by issuing the low-level kill command. Launch the Terminal and type one of the following commands:

  • killall [processname]
  • kill -9 [pid]

Remember, when you force quit Mac app. You will lose YOUR unsaved data in that application.

When your Computers are Frozen:

Sometimes when an app gets in trouble and causes your computer system is freeze. In these conditions, you need to force quit mac from the app. Although these types of cases are rare, they did occur in the end, and then the only option left for you that press the power button on your mac for several seconds. Most of the time when you press the power button a message is sent to your computer telling it that you close it down. Usually, then the system is responding by putting the system to sleep.

how to force quit on mac when frozen

Holding the key down button longer will bounce you to a dialogue box with different options such as Restart, Sleep, and Shut Down. When the system is severely crash then even this option is not might appear. So, the last option is pressing the button down, and then the system cuts off the power completely.

Although this allows you to reboot and get back into your Mac. Because of the unexpected nature of the shutdown may find out that the unsaved data will be lost definitely. This is not perfect because you lost your unsafe data and sometimes it’s the only way to get the backup and the running. So, if you want to protect the application that is making the problems from opening the app again when you restart the computer system. You need to make sure the box beside reopens the windows when you logging back is not indicated

What do you do when you can’t Quit the App on Mac?

In some cases, you will find that you can not escape from the app itself to achieve the above commands. In this type of case then you still have an option or a command that you can use. Then you simply press these buttons at the same time that are Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Esc keys. Through this, you should be able to close the app whichever is currently open on your active screen.

how to force quit on mac

Is it safe to Force Quit Mac?

Force the frozen app to close is the same as killing the signs when we get sick than curing the virus. Then we need to see the big picture and recognize what causes the problem and how to cure it while recognizing how to avoid it from happens again and again. The first reason that we have a problem with the frozen apps on the Mac is insufficient RAM or lack of the memory to operate the system compared to the number of applications you normally open including the many tabs open in a browser.

force quit mac

So, when your system uses all its current resources to run the task, it stops responding. As we think RAM is a physical workbench. The more memory you have to work with, the more plans you can have to work on with the Less space? Less ability and less space to do multitask.

Forcing the Mac to exit the application solves the problem, but can you have the drawbacks. When you close an app in the traditional way, it will clear everything that is running in the background and prompt you to save your work. When you force quit Mac, you can end up losing files and unsafe data or messing things up on the drive. While the effect will only be related to that particular app that got freeze, sometimes it hurt.

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