How To Split Screen on Mac | How To Use And Exit Split Screen

When you are working on the system you need to open multiple tabs and doing work. At a time, you make a search on multiple tabs that create a mess. Then you want to see multiple tabs on one screen then you need to switch to a split-screen without everything getting mixed up. How To Split Screen on Mac are discussed here. Split-screen on your device allows you to open two or more tabs on each screen, and every tab with its own set of information. These tabs allow you to work quickly and view more information on a single screen without having a second screen. Here we will discuss How To Split Screen on Mac

4 way split screen mac

All of our work on multiple windows at the same time and you need information from the internet to explore information and write something in a document or complete a spreadsheet, assignment, and office work. Or you need to read a PDF of a report while combining and composing the email and presenting it to your team. Then you can easily resize the different tabs on your Mac by just clicking and dragging from the borders of the tab. Then you can work with the multiple windows that are floating around.

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The split-screen view is a very simple and graceful solution to the problem of floating tabs all around the screen. Split-screen on mac view perfectly places two or three windows to fill the complete screen. Then you’re all the other windows temporarily disappear and you just think of it as a dual focus mode. In the latest version of the Mac operating system. There is a very simple way to a split-screen mode that is called Split view. In this article, we will teach them how to split screen on mac and how to use a split view on a mac.

How to Split Screen on Mac | Open:

At the top left side of every Mac window, you will see three buttons that are red, yellow, and green. When you drift over the green button the arrows appear on the screen. You can click on this arrow to expand the window to the full screen and then close it back. The green button on the side of the Mac window is your ticket to split screen mode. Here the steps are given below and know how to split screen on Mac.

how to split screen on mac safari

  • Click and hold the green button
  • Your window will get a little smaller and
  • You are ready to enter split screen mode.
  • Stop clicking and then your window will move to the left half side of your MAC screen
  • In the right half of your screen the other windows you have open appear
  • Click on the one you want to see.
  • The first window in L (left) and the select the second of the windows in R (right)
  • Your second window will seem on the right side of your MAC screen.

If you want to switch sides then just drag any of the windows to the other side from the menu bar of any of the windows. And if you want to make a tab wider or slimmer then click on the border between the two opened tabs. Drag the pointer to make one tab is smaller and the other is larger. Your two tabs will continue to fill the entire screen on the MAC monitor.

How to Work in a Split-Screen View:

The menu bars including the red, yellow, and green dots on your window disappear in this mode. Then move the pointer to the top of the screen. The menu bar will reappear in both tabs that are on the split screen. In the Split screen view, you can use both the apps side by side without any distraction. Here are the steps that are given below:

split screen mac shortcut

  • Choose the window to work with by just clicking on the window anywhere.
  • Show the menu bar by moving the cursor at the top of the monitor screen.
  • By dragging a window change the positions of the windows to the other side.
  • By dragging the vertical border line adjust the size of the windows.
  • Switch to other applications or your desktop with Mission Control
  • Use a Multi-Touch gesture for switching other application
  • By just sliding the finger left or right on your trackpad.

It is very easy to switch between two tabs in a split-screen view. You can also switch between your split-screen tabs and add other apps and tabs. Use Mission Control and the cursor swipe left or right on your trackpad with a multi-touch signal. You can use Mission Control to choose another tab.

how to split screen on mac book pro 2018

How to Exit Split Screen on Mac:

To exit the split screen and return back to the windows and slide the cursor to the top of the screen. Until the green dot will appear again. Click on the dot to reduce the size of your window. The window you are in will revert to its previously split screen form. The other window will automatically go into full-screen mode. The second window by clicking on the application by using Mission Control to display all your windows. Swipe it with a finger on your trackpad. By exiting the full-screen view use the green button again to minimize your window.

  • Move the pointer to the top of the screen
  • Disclose the Green buttons in the window
  • Click on the full-screen button in any window
  • That window exits the Split View
  • The other windows switch automatically to the full-screen view
  • You can also switch the full-screen window by using app Mission Control or multi-touch gesture
  • By sliding the four fingers left or right on your trackpad

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