3 Easy Steps to Find iPhone MAC Address or any IOS Device

iPhone MAC address is a unique ID that all the iPhone has a personal hardware identifier. iPhone operating software refers to the Wi-Fi address. Occasionally you need to know the MAC address of the iPhone device. So, you can connect an iPhone OS device to a precise router and provide it to a device or network administrator while using the LAN (Local Area Network) or for many other uses. How to find mac iPhone address.

All the users can get the personal unique MAC address of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch by just following these simple steps to locate the hardware identifier in an iPhone OS. The process is the same for all the versions of the iPhone OS. Because the address is still and tied to the hardware and it’s the unique address of your device. It works whether a device is offline or connected to an active internet or a wi-fi connection. iPhone mac address makes an IP different which has a direction that requires an active connection and that changes.

how to find mac address on iphone

For newbies, MAC Address is basically called Media Access Control Address. Mac address is used as a unique identity of your device on network connection such as wireless networks (Wi-Fi), LAN, and Ethernet connections. To break it down even further You know how social network providers use your phone’s IMEI number to identify your device on their networks and system. The MAC address performs the same function that all are related to Internet networks.

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These iPhone MAC addresses are embedded or recorded addresses, like IMEI numbers. In this, no two devices have the same MAC address and IP. Every system and system has a different Mac address on iPhone. Therefore, they are a very actual and unique means for identifying the different devices on the network interface. The structure of the iPhone Mac Address can be confusing. But You don’t worry in this article we will walk through the uses of Mac addresses and Clear all the questions like How to find mac address on iPhone? Where to find mac address on iPhone? What is my Mac address iPhone?

What is an iPhone MAC address?

We all are the users of the internet all day, yet some of us know how this all works. Have you ever wondered how a website sends details to your device when you click on any given link? So, the first part has to do with your IP address and your computer sends your advice IP address that makes it possible for websites to send information to your computer, and all this done just because of IP address. Just think that the IP address is just like your home address.

find mac address on iphone

But it turns out that the IP address can get the info only up to your router. Your devices send out a specific ID that differentiates between the devices connected to your router is known as MAC address. A MAC address stands for Media Access Control that is a unique identity of your device that is assigned to the network interface of a machine. By using the iPhone MAC address your router can send the info that you requested to your laptop. And it is not confused with your phone or any other device connected to the same Wi-Fi just because of the IP address.

Uses of iPhone Mac Address:

Mainly, MAC addresses are used to recognize your devices that are connected to your office or home network. While you can use the device names to identify devices connected to your network system. The iPhone MAC address is a more accurate and exact identifier without any doubt because every Mac device has a unique identifier.

Let’s say you have two friends at your home and their smartphones are iPhone X and OnePlus 7 respectively are connected to the Internet network at home. And you are blocking either of them can be difficult because both connected devices are not appearing as iPhone X and OnePlus 7 in your admin panel. In its place, they would be recognized by an odd-looking combination of 12 alphanumeric characters grouped two by two by a hyphen and the colon. Instead on the name of the names of the mobile devices the iPhone X or OnePlus 7 on your router’s panel. And you will mostly be seeing the something numbers like the 23-78-98-A8-8P-6C or the 43-63-22-b8-4Q-2D.

how to find mac address on iphone

These are the emblematic formats for MAC addresses that are not understood by us easily. These addresses are difficult to identify which device you want to block and which one is not. For the addresses, another used to the case to unblock the device from your network connection. And in your admin panel, you have the numerous devices that you blocked in the blacklisted from your office and home internet. It would be more difficult for you to remove from the blocklist a device if you don’t know its Mac address iPhone. Now that why you need to know what is the Mac Address of the device.

Why should you Mask your iPhone MAC address?

Your MAC address is a specific address of your device. You may want to mask it for different privacy reasons. By masking the iPhone Mac address no one gets your IP and did nothing any illegal process by using your IP address. You can also hide your personal information about your office and company by masking the iPhone mac address. While you can leave it unmasked on your home network because it is not a big data deal. Mask your MAC address is a good habit when you are using a public network. If you don’t want to reveal and disclose your private secret information.

iphone mac address

Another biggest use of MAC address masking is to avoid any filtering that has been enabled on your network. In a sample, if your company disables certain websites by linking them to the Mac address of your company-owned devices. Then you can change the MAC address of your device to access those websites in which your IP address is disabled. Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to get access to restricted content is much easier than masking or changing your iPhone MAC address. So, I only recommend masking your IP address when you are using your device on a public network and you want to maintain your privacy.

How to Find the MAC address of your Apple iPhone:

If you have a network that is wireless then you protect your device by restricting MAC addresses. You will have to enter the iPhone MAC address of your Apple iPhone to allow it and to connect it to that required network. Then you want to know how to find the Mac Address of your iPhone. Then we will tell you to find out the MAC address of your iPhone. In the first start on the menu. Select settings < Go in the general and then about < Scroll down on that screen. You will see the setting that is called WIFI Address. That given address is the Mac Address of your iPhone device. Now enter that exact address

mac address iphone

Now, enter that exact address as an allowable iPhone MAC address on the wireless network. Once you have done this then go back to your iPhone and simply go to the Settings menu again and then select the iPhone. It should show your network in the list of networks available. Then click on the name of the network that you want to connect.

find mac address on iphone

  • Open the Settings app on iPhone OS
  • Tap on the General
  • Look down and select the option “About”
  • Scroll down and find out where is labeled the “Wi-Fi Address”
  • The characters given next to the “Wi-Fi Address” are the MAC address of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch hardware.

how to find mac address on iphone

If you are not able to read the full IP address line that is just due to the screen size or the font size. then note down that you can touch and hold the Wi-Fi Address. Then select the “Copy” button and then paste the MAC address of the required device in an app such as Notes, Messages, or Email. The iPhone MAC address of an iOS device always appears in the random hexadecimal format such as “xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx”. In this number, xx shows the character and the letter that is in the iPhone MAC Address.

How to Use a Private Wi-Fi iPhone MAC Address:

  • In your iPhone or iPad device, open the Settings app
  • Tap on the General
  • Look down and select the option “About”
  • Tap Wi-Fi
  • Touch the blue “i” next to a given network
  • Tap the toggle
  • Private Address to mask the Wi-Fi iPhone MAC address

 iphone mac address

If you are enabling this one although you are already connected to the network. Then tap Disconnect to finish the process and then it will automatically reconnect to the Wi-Fi network in a few moments.

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