Free Download UnRarX for Mac 2021 (Latest Version)

UnRarX is software that is used to unzip the RAR files of Mac operating systems. The people who have Mac laptops and computers searching for the software to access the RAR files and folders. So, the UnRarX is free software that makes it possible to access the compressed RAR folder on Mac Laptops and computers. Apple devices (smartphones, iPad, iPod, computer, laptop) didn’t open the RAR files, unless and unpacking the programs. So, UnRarX for Mac is the best option with great reviews. If the peoples are the users of Microsoft Windows devices then they need to WinRAR to compressed and extract the RAR files, and it is a convenient option.

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What is UnRarX Mac?

UnRarX Mac is free software that is specifically made for macOS devices to extract the unarchive items within a RAR file. Unzip RAR folder contains multiple files that are compressed together. The users of the Windows PC community can easily unzip the documents and create archives in the RAR file. Because RAR files are native to Microsoft devices and the user can perform additional commands with RAR applications of Windows. But for the mac users, UnRarX is the RAR file opener that extracts the RAR folder and gets access.

unrarx for mac

The use and installation are quite simple and on your Mac devices. You can use it just double click on the RAR file and wait until the process is 99% ok. Then the extracted file will be seen in the same folder and you can easily open it and use it. Mac users often find it because this is really needed software on your Mac devices.

UnRarX is a clean freeware software that does not require any extra storage space. It is a user-friendly software that implements the drag and drop sequence to import and unzip the RAR folder.

How to Unzip Files Free on a Mac?

When the Mac user receives the RAR file, firstly they tried to open the received RAR file. When the click to open an error message will appear on the screen to explain that the provided information is not identifiable. Relatively, the Mac devices work with ZIP archives and the use of Windows systems uses RAR to extract.

rar extractor

So, with the UnRarX, it gave the ability to their user to separate the content to assess it individually. The process in which the RAR file is extracted in the separate folder is called unzipping. The users think that both software UnRarX and WinRAR for Mac. WinRAR is not a Mac application so it cannot compress the folder in the Mac Devices. For the MAC user, UnRarX is the single option to extract the RAR files and get access to the folder.

A RAR system can be called a compressed file that has a data package embedded within it. To get access to these RAR files, the Mac user needs to download UnRarX. It makes it easy to separate the files into readable formats. The additional feature UnRarX while unzipping files, repairs the detected errors using Par2. The tool is also available in the Universal Binary version of the UnRarX.

How to Download UnRarX files on Mac Device?

While the software is downloaded from the Internet then occasionally a notification will appear on the screen to inform the user that the software cannot be opened. Then the option appears to allow the access to UnRarX, you click OK. Then it direct to the System Preferences button in the icon bar that lines the bottom display of the Mac device. On the top line of the window select Security & Privacy. In the second part of this process, the statement will be appeared “UnRarX was blocked …”.

unzip files free

Click on the “Open Anyway” button next to the text and then follows the remaining instructions to open the application safely. The frame will be opened after the user approvals. The lightweight extraction of the RAR file utility has a clean and simple user interface.

How to Open a RAR file on a Mac for Free?

When you start the unzipping process find the condensed folder that needs to be separated. Open with the UnRarX application and select the compressed file to drag and drop the document into the user interface.

The separation process starts immediately when we click on the file. The file name will show on the upper left corner of the output, minimize, and enlarge operations. The user can keep their screen in a view to understanding the process better and they watch the removed folder that appears. The UnRarX free software insight compares the progress between the icons and the surface extraction. The desktop will fill with the capacity of the file.

When the procedure of decompressing is complete then, “All OK” will be shown at the end of the registration. When the files are deleted from the compressed folder you can click the “Stop” text in the upper right corner. While the withdrawal process is not active then the “Extract” will be appearing at the place of text “Stop”

In the command line application, you can implement the password, test, and scan. Most users select the “Browse” instead of using the drag and drop the file into the utility application. Locate the desired content, navigate the directory of the internet browser, and make sure the file tag will end in “.RAR” and click “Open”. Then extract the required file and get access through the UnRarX application.

unrarx download

Mostly users before extracting further control the settings by choosing the “Manage” option at the bottom of the selector. The “Browse” command can be used to determine the file if it is damaged and safe. The files that indicate the files that violate the security structure within the UnRarX will show a CRC code error. And the last “Password” button allows the users to enter a password for protected content to allow the unzipping process.

Pros & Cons:


  • It is a lightweight application
  • Malware detector
  • Automatically updated
  • User-friendly user interface
  • Drag and drop function


  • Inconsistent Updates
  • Doesn’t construct RAR files

How to Download UnRarX Software?

  • Download the UnRarX Mac software from the given below.
  • After the downloading, follow the installation instructions.
  • This software is recommended with the all-new and old mac devices
  • After installation, you can extract and compressed the RAR files.


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