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Best Skype Alternatives 2021 For Professional & Personal Use

Skype is a telecommunication application that is used to make a conference. it is specially used for video chat and voice calls between the two computers, tablets, and mobile devices. For a long period, in the VoIP applications space the skype has considered the best application. This brand became so popular just because of the application of Skype and made its way in the dictionary as the verb. There are lots of success stories of skype but now people want some Skype Alternatives.

skype alternatives for pc

But after Microsoft bought skype in 2012, they make some changes while removing some features and adding some features. They also integrating it into the office suite of software applications. By all these changes not all the user is happy about the following changes. However, then the service was stained by poor call quality and the calls frequently crashes, and distrust of Microsoft. This resulted in Skype losing its number of users and they began to migrate to the other applications. Here the top features that the skype offers at the moment

  • One on one instant chat
  • Group instant Chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Audio and Video Calls
  • Ability to call phone number like mobile and landline

alternatives to skype

As the use of Skype decays, many other options have emerged that improve with the passing of time. This is very good news for any Skype user who is finding and looking for the skype alternatives. Here we will show you the best skype alternative application. The users of skype are depending on that such as video calling and conferencing with the family and friends.

Some of the users want to make a meeting with their client that is in the other city or the country. However, there are many Skype alternatives that are free. For business, there are some paid options that are also available to ensure the best quality of voice, call, and video.

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Why do You look for Skype alternatives?

If you are looking for a Skype alternative then you mostly have one of the following problems while using Mac

  • You see too many ads while using Skype
  • The application is too slow for you
  • Hacked and fake accounts keep spamming you
  • Your Skype account has been hacked
  • You are confused by the constant design updates

If you are going through these types of problems then definitely you need to change your application so here are the best alternatives are available. Basically, skype is a business or personal use app so we divided this into two-part. We will show you the best skype alternatives for professional and personal use respectively.

Best Skype Alternatives for Professional Use:

In this section, all the mentioned apps on the list are used for professional purposes. So, you should not try them for personal calling.  As we have mentioned above these applications is just for professional purpose. These applications are a little bit more difficult to configure and these are not as popular as other applications.

On the other hand, these applications are excellent for professional use like business meetings. These applications not only allow you to have hundreds of people on a single call and you can also use these features like share screens, record calls, save them to the cloud, schedule meetings, get call records, and more. So here the best skype alternatives are given below for professional use.

Microsoft Team:

It is a platform for communication that combines workplace chat. It offers video conferencing, application integration, and file storage. Microsoft Teams is a good competitor to services like Slack and the best Skype alternative for Business use. This software announced at an event in New York and on March 14, 2017, the services are launched worldwide.

best alternatives to skype

If your business is working with Microsoft Office applications then it will be the best alternative for your business. The all the features here are much more refined. By using Microsoft Teams, you can make video calls, audio calls, create online conferences, access Office documents, also cooperate in real-time, and more. In this, you also get 1TB of Drive storage for saving and sharing files, and it’s really good.

It also brings collaboration features. it allows you to collaborate on Office documents in real-time. If you want to have a little fun, you can also use animated emojis, gifs, and stickers. One thing that you really love about Microsoft Teams is that it allows you to instantly turn a group chat into a conference call. You can also host up to 10,000 people in a conference, so here the bandwidth is not anxiety. If your whole team and you work with Office applications then definitely this is the best Skype alternatives you should use.

  • Platform Support: Android, macOS, IOS, Windows, Linux, and Web
  • Price: 1-month free trial, starting price at $ 8 / month

Google Meet:

Google Meet is a video communication platform that is developed by Google. It is the one application that replaces google hangouts and the other one is Google Chat. Google Meet is one of the best platforms that is the google answers to the skype, Zoom, and other online meeting solutions. Firstly, the service was available to G Suite customers. But now Google has made this service free for all users.

alternatives to skype video calls

This application has become popular in recent days and has already exceeded 50 million downloads. Google Meet also integrates with the Gmail web app, allowing you to start a meeting directly from there. It is also easy to set up and run. It is easily creating a meeting and share the link with other users to join. Google Meet can host up to 250 participants that is more than most teams require. They are working on new features are including the highly requested background blur feature and other features include the ability to schedule meetings, end-to-end encryption, screen sharing support, and more.

The broadcast mode also available that allows the users to broadcast meetings to 100,000 people at the same time. This is a great feature for companies that want all of their employees to see in the same meeting. The only restriction in Google Meet is that each participant must have a Google account. In Google Meet the limited time of meetings is 60 minutes. It has created a powerful and easy-to-use alternative to Skype. I think it is the best one so you should try this.

  • Platform Support: iOS, Android, Web
  • Price: Free trial and starts at $ 6 / month for every user.


Zoom is the best communication app for real-time video conferencing. It is the best app to give service to any professional team and business who is looking for the best video conferencing software. This is a company that has been profited the most from the failure of skype and it is the best skype alternative. Main features are included in the Zoom that it supports up to 500 people on the single conference call. The other features are share screen, virtual background, integration with a third-party tool, local recording video audio, remote control access, and more. The feature audio transcript automatically creates a transcript of a meeting that I love.

alternatives to skype for business

Zoom is a very easy set up to use and manage and you can also use it on mobile, web, and desktop. Zoom is a paid application but it has also a free version. The free version is amazing for a small business conference.  If you are searching for the best skype alternatives then it is the best for meeting and conferencing. The supported platform is iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Web.

Jitsi Meet:

Jitsi Meet is an open-source application that is totally free to use. The best thing about this app is that it does not need to install. Just go on the website and click on the “GO” Button. Jitsi Meet offers some cool features including chat, session recording, and Dropbox upload, and also the ability to remove messy participants from the meeting. It allows setting a password so that only the people I invite can join the meeting.

skype alternative to call landlines

The service is also providing on mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. So, you can easily join the meeting from the mobile or the desktop. If you are using Slack to communicate on your team then it will be the perfect choice for you. It supports up to 75 members in the meeting. Additionally, for the best performance and result, keep member participation below 40. If you are looking for a free and easy-to-use application for video conferencing service, then it is the best skype alternatives. It supports iOS, Android, and Web platforms.


WebEx is the skype alternative for business use. It is a specially designed business purpose. It integrates with the various platforms but it is a little expensive.

open source skype alternative

It offers a large number of features for video conferencing, it allows the user to make meeting from all over the world to work together and collaborate on projects. It can be also used for training purposes or supporting customers and many more. You can also make international voice calls all over the world.  It also integrates with platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Facebook Live. This is the best skype alternatives for business use but it is not free.

Best Skype Alternatives for Personal Use:

This is the part for people who just want to be in contact with friends and family. The apps mentioned here are very popular and widely used. So, it is likely that all of your friends and family members are using one of these applications on the list. These applications are easy to use and require no technical knowledge to use. Most importantly, these all the apps are free, yes without any cost you can easily contact your loved ones.

In contrast, these applications are not designed for professional meetings. So, there are a few people who can join a group call and they have no other additional features like screen recording, call transcription, and managing and scheduling meetings, etc. You can use these apps for a quick one-on-one meeting or a friend group. But for most users, these apps will fulfill all their personal needs.


whatsapp skype

WhatsApp is one of the biggest instant messaging services in the world and it also provides the video and voice call. It connects more the 1.5 billion users and offers much more than instant messaging. It is the king of the third-party messaging app. Here you can also use it to make voice and video calls, as well as group chat and the group video calling. Video chatting is limited for just four peoples, but it is a very popular application. So, if you want to arrange a chat with a relative or friends then WhatsApp is the best app. It is easy to use and manage. It is free of cost app and it supported Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Google Duo:

Google Duo is one of the best videos calling service software for personal use. It is one of the best applications for making VoIP and video calling. The quality of Google Duo video calls is unbeatable and amazing.

google hangouts

The connection of Google Duo is the most stable of all the applications. Google Duo supports 12 people in a group call and even offers a web application. Also, this app is available on iOS devices so you don’t worry if you’re using the latest iPhone Pro. Google Duo also offers lots of cool features like low-light calling, Knock feature, and the support the messages from video, end-to-end encryption, and more. Its Support Android, iOS, and Web platform. And it is free of cost.

Face Time:

It is better alternatives to skype because it works phenomenally well. It is available on all the three biggest Apple platforms, including iOS, iPad OS, and macOS. When the Apple launched Group FaceTime calling with iOS 12 and macOS Mojave. It rapidly solves all the problems of the users that had with the voice and video calling service.

samsung smart tv skype alternative

Face Time supports 32 people on the same call and it has a nice feature where the speaker window appears in the front of the screen. The feature that works most of the time but it is not available in most video calling applications. They also include some fun features like the capability to use emojis. You can use emojis when making a FaceTime call. If you are using Apple devices then the FaceTime is the best Skype alternatives for you.


Talky is a bit different than other messaging tools, it is primarily a web-based service. It provides the video call service with up to 15 participants, which makes Talky great not only for family and friends. It is also used for collaborative work and any assignment. It is also providing to activate screen sharing with everyone.

open source skype alternative

Creating a chat room is incredibly simple you just go to the Talky website and type in the URL you would like to use. Then you can share the URL with the people you want to chat with. To maintain privacy the rooms can also be password protected. Talky is a bit light on features but it is simple to use and best use for personal use. It is the best skype alternatives video call.


Basically, discord is used by the gaming community. It is the best online chat service that replaces Skype. The best thing about it provides the best fun environment and you can create multiple channels for family and friends. Like every channel is a different group of friends and family. Discord allows you to quickly make a voice call and chat. Discord bots allow you to do things like play music using Spotify, add the extension support for Wikipedia, YouTube, and the other websites. It also adds support for memes and creates an incentive system.

skype alternative to call landlines

It also supports video calls and group video calls services. You can make a group call of more than 9 members. The best features of Discord are to share your screen. You can also switch between the screen sharing mode and video chat mode. Overall, it is full of fun and a powerful chat app that you will definitely enjoy using more than Skype. It supports iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and the Web. It is free or paid $ 9.99 per month


It is one of the most popular and free international calling applications out there. It is available on most of the major platforms including desktop operating systems. It provides the feature of voice and video calls and you can also use the free text chat option for anyone who has this app. The current number of users are up to 800 million.

open source skype alternative

It also makes it very easy to use like share documents, images, and video files through the app. All these messages are usually encrypted for privacy and security reasons. It provides the option of public chats for the user to keep track of their favorite topics. It is the best alternatives to skype for personal use.

Here all the applications are discussed that are the best skype alternatives for personal and professional use. so if you are finding skype alternatives then go and choose the best one from here according to your demand.

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