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Download Now Bloody Roar 2 Game Full Version for PS

Bloody Roar 2 is a fighting 3D video game for PS users. This is not a PC game; it was just developed for Play Station users in 1999 and released by Hudson in Japan. Later on, Sony subsequently made a copy of this game for the U.S. This game is was love of the 19’s child’s, but still, it is the favourite of many children’s. It’s same like its predecessor Blood Roar, same characters with extraordinary powers in beast mode. This makes it more powerful and regenerates the health of the player.

Bloody Roar 2

With Beast Mode in Bloody Roar 2 Game, characters beat the opponent with some super attacks in a combo. It gives tremendous damage to the opponent player with a combination of attacks. Story of the game takes place five years since the fall of the Tylon Corporation, and actually, this is the story of the Bloody Roar 1.

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Beasts of the Matches:

This game continues the traditional one-on-one original fighting style, featured by human players. So, it’s up to you, how professional you’re to beat your opponent. You may choose your favourite beast player, there are some best fighters of roar include bat, leopard, chameleon, insect, and half-beast. But some of the fighters are excluded in Bloody Roar 2 such as boar, fox, and gorilla.

On the other hand, the second part of bloody roar comes with a lot of improvements, smoother gameplay and realistic visuals. Super attacks look too much attractive with eye-catching background and 3D sound effects. The timing of combos is very speedy, all of this done in just a blink of an eye. Developers also worked on the fighting moves, they make it more powerful and harder. It will help you to knock out your enemy in a super punch attack.

Bloody Roar 2 Game

Every player has it different super combos in Bloody Roar 2 for PC which fills your Beast Meter according to your attack ratio on your opponent. But it’s easy to defend these super combos and counter attacks with just a single button.

Animal Sounds (Bone Crackers):

As I said before, this game has 3D and realistic sound effects. After continuous hits on your opponent, you will hear a real Bone cracking sound. Some of the fighters of this game are animals, and you will hear their roars such as growl of the tiger, howl of the wolf in Bloody Roar 2. If you don’t like the traditional Japanese attacks voices, you will enjoy the roar of Jenny the Bat.

Controls of Bloody Roar 2 are slightly easy to understand. You can use the traditional button style like Tekken 3 to learn easily the quick combo system. Throws, counters, and air juggle are the top attacks of the game.

Bloody Roar 2 Download

Memories of Fighters:

If you’re an old player of fighting games, you’ll love the sequel of these games. If you’re Tekken lover and waiting for the next part of Tekken, Download Now Bloody Roar 2 Full Version. This is the perfect game of this game because of its fighters, high-quality sound effects, and realistic visuals.



No doubt! It has 3D sound effects with crystal clear roars of wolf and bear. Don’t forget about Jenny the Bat. Sounds take place the game to the next level. You will hear the different sounds of every fighter during matches.


Visuals of this game are much improved and look like real. The visuals during combos and fights are eye-catching and easily grab the attention of any player. Deadly moves and awesome backgrounds make Bloody Roar 2 a perfect flavour for the gamer.

Bloody Roar 2 Free


You cans set controls according to you, and practice your gameplay on your noob friend. Unfortunately, this game has no practice mode, but after practice, you will roar like a lion.

Sharpen your Gameplay:

It’s far better than a lot of fighting games because this game sharpens your skills in fighting. Specially designed for newbies, who can’t play the game like a pro.

Bloody Roar 2 System Requirements:

Here you will see the complete system requirements required to run this game.

CPU: Pentium 3 or Higher

RAM: 128MB RAM Free

Graphics Card: 16MB Free

HDD/SDD Space: 20MB

OS: Window XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32Bit or 64Bit)

Sounds Card

Keyboard + Mouse

How to Download & Install Bloody Roar 2:

Follow the following guide step-by-step to download and install this game safely.

  1. First of All, Click on the Download Button.
  2. Select the Folder.
  3. Download the Game.
  4. After downloading open the folder, you will see it’s a RAR file.
  5. Download & Install WinRAR.
  6. Extract the file with WinRAR.
  7. Open the Folder and Run the Setup.
  8. Install the Game.
  9. Cheers! Enjoy the game.


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