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EA Sports Cricket 2015 Free Full Version Download for PC

EA Sports Cricket 2015 is another successful part of the EA Sports Cricket gaming series. As shown by its name, it was released in 2015 and comes with a lot of new series, and tournaments include IPL, DLF, ICC, World Cups, T20 championships. Developers made this game fully optimized with all Windows OS including XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 and the latest operating systems…

EA Sports Cricket 2015

This game is full of unique and creative content such as old and new legends of cricket. The players of this game look like real-life characters because of their real names, bowling and batting styles, and unique effects during the match. The sum-up of all these things takes EA Sports Cricket 2015 Free to the next level of entertainment at your home. It was initially released for PC and Play Station users, but later maybe it will be released for Android & IOS users.

This game has a lot of more interesting things that make this game more surprising and adventurous. Stay with us, we will share all the details with you. Almost all of the world’s top cricket teams are available in this game to include Pakistan, India, Australia, England, Srilanka, etc. Cricket is the game that connects the hearts of the two countries’ peoples, and every sport is invented to build a friendly relationship between the two countries. Moreover, if we’re going to talk about the Pakistani and Indian peoples regarding cricket, they love cricket more than anything…

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EA Sports Cricket 2015 is full of adventure; there are two different teams, two different players, different abilities, and different powers. Only one team will win who will play better and run high in the match. More than 20 teams from 20 countries are playing a role in this game. Of course, the audience of 20 countries is waiting to see their team in action.

EA Sports Cricket 2015 Full Version

International Teams & Hype:

Fans of EA can try different modes in EA Sports Cricket 2015 Full Version. It means that you can join different events, take part in different series and championships, and more. Practice makes a man perfect, the more you play this game, the more chances that you can win the World Cup. You will also experience the international and domestic tournaments. On the other hand, In the domestic tournament, there are some other tournaments that you can play such as Australian State Cricket, Full Season, and Pura Cup. During matches, you will enjoy the real environment of the ground and learn from the abilities and weaknesses of your opponent country team players.

The world’s top cricket teams are included in this game. You can choose your favorite team and play against the top cricket teams of the world also against the world’s top players such as Shahid Afridi of Pakistan, Virat Kohli of India, and other top players.

  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Australia
  • England
  • South Africa
  • SriLanka
  • West Indies
  • Bangladesh
  • Zimbabwe

There are also teams of the top local tournaments are available in this product. You can also play tournaments such as IPL, BPL, Australian and European tournaments. It’s up to you to choose your favorite team and comes in the tournament against the other top teams of the world.

After all these practices, you’ll be able to face the top players of the world and be a professional cricketer in real life or EA Sports Cricket 2015. There are also 35 Stadiums available in the game, on which you will play the matches.

EA Sports Cricket 2015 Free

Win or Lose:

If we’re talking about the gameplay, it doesn’t matter you’re a pro player or a beginner. You don’t need to worry about it, you will enjoy this game. But bear in mind that, this game is based on the rules and score system like in real-life sports. Controls of the EA Sports Cricket 2015 for PC are not a worry now because the controls of this game are highly responsive and easy to manage. Hit the Cricket Ball and sending it to out of the stadium is now a piece of cake.

If you compare this game with the real-life matches, you’ll be amazed, how much this game has resembled the live television broadcasts. Commentary during the matches, Crowd noise, Umpire Instructions, Audience reaction on the boundary is too similar to the real-life broadcasting of the match. It ables you to switch the camera during matches, switch the camera to stands and you’ll see the whole stadium, audience, players, and your character.

EA Sports Cricket 2015 for PC

The fact is that from the wide-angle point-of-view in EA Sports Cricket 2015 it is easy to control the time and movement of your player when the ball is coming towards you. Review the movement of your player because it also has an option to replay the game.

Challenging Cricket Game:

EA Sports made the game once and wins the heart of millions of users because they made a game that could addict the peoples. It’s a challenging game and you have to play better if you want to win the tournament.


Here you will see the key features of this game that will help you to understand the visuals of EA Sports Cricket 2015 Download as well as the working of the game.

  • High-Quality Realistic Visuals
  • 3D Sound Effects
  • Boundary Hit Noise
  • Crowd Noise
  • Real Matches Environment
  • Real-Life Characters
  • 20+ Teams
  • Legend Cricketers
  • Original Bowling and Batting Styles
  • Full of Action and Adventure Game
  • Amazing Sound Tracks
  • User-friendly Interface

EA Sports Cricket 2015 Download

Technical Details:

  • Developer:                EA Sports
  • Publisher:                 EA Sports
  • Genre:                       Action and Adventure
  • Mode:                       Single Player, Multiplayer
  • Platforms:                Windows, Play Station, Xbox
  • Next Game:              Company has Not Decided Yet

EA Sports Cricket 2015 System Requirements:

Here you will see the system requirements that you must have to run this game.

  • OS:                          Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 or Higher
  • Supported Architecture: 32Bit or 64Bit
  • CPU:                        Intel Core 2 Duo or Higher
  • RAM:                       1GB RAM
  • HDD/SDD Space:    5GB
  • Graphics Card:       1GB

How to Download & Install EA Sports Cricket 2015:

Follow the guide step by step to download and install the game quickly.

  1. First of all, click on the Download Button.
  2. After downloading, open the folder.
  3. Run the Setup.
  4. Install the Game.
  5. Cheers, the Game is installed.
  6. Now enjoy the game.


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