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Download Freedom Fighters Game for PC | Highly Compressed Setup

Freedom Fighters Game is originally known as Freedom: It’s a battle of some brave soldiers for the freedom of Liberty Island. Fans of this game also called him Soldiers of Liberty. It’s a third-person shooting video game developed for Microsoft Windows, Play Station 2, Game Cube, and Xbox users. It was initially released in 2003 under the banner of Electronic Arts (EA Sports) and developed by IO interactive that is a modified version of Glacier Engine.

Initially, the play station version of this game was released in Europe by IO Interactive. The story of this game as follows: Main Player who plays an important role in Freedom Fighters Game 1 is Christopher Stone; an American plumber (resistance movement leader) who takes a stand against the Red Army. the Red Army occupied New York City and Christopher decides to fight with them.

Freedom Fighters Game


There are two different modes of this game, Single Player or Multiplayer. It’s up to you if you want to play single or play with your friends or in a squad.

Single Player:

Freedom Fighters are the squad of shooters of the streets of New York City. They have a mission to fight with the occupying Soviet Forces until the freedom of Liberty. The players in Freedom Fighters Game will gain charisma points according to different activities such as beating the enemies, destroy their base and supplies. More charisma points mean more chances for the leader to recruit their squad-mates include wounding and leadership, more than a maximum of twelve. The player has easy methods to control the recruits in battle.

If you’re a Mac user, you should Download and Play Little Mac Game

Freedom Fighters Game Download

Within the game, you’re the leader and you can command your recruits by giving them simple orders include “follow”, “attack” and “defend”. But don’t worry; if you forget to command them, they are well programmed to take care of themselves. Within the borders of New York City, the resistance between the red army and freedom fighters happens in the stations, craters, and buildings.


Bear in mind that the PC version doesn’t support multiplayer. The multiplayer version of Freedom Fighters Game Full Version is based on securing the flag and bunkers. The flag will be placed in the center of the map. Bunkers will be equally divided into the Soviet Soldiers and the American Freedom Fighters. Players can easily understand which bunker belongs to the red army and American soldiers. Soviet bunkers marked by the red star and the American bunkers marked by the blue star on the map. This is the match between four players of soviet and the four American players; it’s up to you to choose players of both sides.

Freedom Fighters Game Series

Both of the teams will have different weapons, so they can switch these weapons during battle. In Freedom Fighters Game, both teams will have different areas on the map where all of the ammunition and weapons are stored. Every team will have different bunkers and every bunker will be filled with one medical kit and once ammunition.

Players can select different map areas to include Greenwich Village which has four bunkers around the flag, Brooklyn Rooftops which has four adjacent bunkers, and the flag between two bunkers on the building. The third and last area of the map is Fort Jay which has four bunkers at the edge of the map. Players can earn eight charisma points in this gameplay, so every player can command eight soldiers. But, it’s squad gameplay, so each player can command only four soldiers.

Freedom Fighters Game Full Version

Freedom Fighters Game Story:

The story of the game is based on the fight between some American Freedom Fighters and the Soviet Forces. As we all know the Soviet Union becomes the world superpower after World War II in Europe. The whole world declares them the World’s Super Power after dropping the first Atomic Bomb on Berlin and then dropped an Atomic Bomb on the Japanese City of Sapporo to end World War II. Later on, the relationship between the US and the Soviet Union fell through. When the US finally developed its first Atomic Bomb in 1949, the Cold War had begun and it grabs most of the countries in the world.

Bear in mind that, it’s the story of the Freedom Fighters Game Series. From 1953 to 2000, when the United States involved itself in the Korean War, the result was the Soviet Union prop up the communist states include Europe, Africa, Eastern Asia, Central America, and South America. Later in 2001, the Soviet Union attacks Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, the Middle East, and Oceania and spark World War III.

Freedom Fighters Game 1

Game Reviews:

Communists Uh? If you’re thinking that the overall stuff of Russia includes Vodka, Organized Crimes drowned in the Tom Clancy bollocks, maybe you’re wrong. If you do some research on it, you’ll find that in an alternate time-line these things are gone and taken over the United States of America. But in Freedom Fighters Game! Thanks to Christopher (New York Plumber) who takes charge to make a team and fight against the pinko-Ruskie terror and remove the dirty face of Ivan’s.

Freedom Fighters is a game based on third-person shooters that have a different fan base in the market. You can command your players by sliding up to them or presses the “E” button and give those orders include “ follow me”, stay here” and “go there and shoot”.

Freedom Fighters Game For PC

At the start, if you’re a rookie player and have the confidence to recruit more than one or two warriors. It’s easy for you to understand the basics of Freedom Fighters Game Free and understand how it works. But if you’re leading the group of eight warriors in battle, you must know the basic command system which will allow you to put some extraordinary effort into the work.


Here you will see the key features of this game; it will help you to understand the game.

  • This war of freedom will transform your city and your players. History will be the witness of the transformation of normal citizens to the world’s toughest Freedom Fighters. New York City will also be changed into a massive battlefield.
  • Take a charge, become a leader, and save your city in Freedom Fighters Game. Twelve toughest freedom fighters of the nation waiting for your order. They are your army, and it’s your responsibility to take care of them. Lead them wisely.
  • Adventurous Third-Person Action Gameplay: It’s a battlefield of small sabotage missions to large battles, and you have to understand the strategy of your enemy. Destroy the camps and bunkers of your enemies.
  • Charisma Points Based Recruiting Systems: Gain points by doing different activities such as destroy your enemy bunkers, rescuing prisoners. The more charisma points you gain, the more chances to recruit and rescue your warriors.
  • Battle for your City: Freedom Fighters Game for GameCube is the game of fight for the freedom of your island; Use different weapons include weapons machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades, and Molotov cocktails to destroy your enemies.
  • Enhanced Technology: Enhanced graphics 3D effects of this game such as real-time lighting, rain, snow, smoke, and explosions increase the enjoyment of this game.
  • The noise of Freedom: A travel from the shouts and commands in the battle to a wave of peace, you’ll finally hear the sound of freedom. No doubt! Hard work will give you success in the end. Just focus on your goal.

Freedom Fighters Game Free

Technical Details Freedom Fighters Game:

  • Developer:                      IO Interactive
  • Publisher:                       Electronic Arts (EA Sports)
  • Writer:                             Morten Iversen
  • Composer:                     Jesper Kyd
  • Engine:                           Glacier (Modified Version)
  • Platforms:                      Microsoft Windows, Game Cube, Play Station 2, Xbox
  • Release Date:                September 26, 2003
  • Genre:                            Third-Person Shooting Game
  • Modes:                           Single Player or Multi-Player

System Requirements:

  • OS:                         Microsoft Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista
  • CPU:                       Pentium III
  • CPU Speed:           733MHz
  • RAM:                      256MB
  • HDD/SDD Space:  650MB
  • DX Version:           DirectX 8.0c
  • CD-ROM:               4 Speeds CD-ROM
  • Sound Card:         Yes
  • Graphics Card:     Yes

How to Download & Install Freedom Fighters Game?

It’s our responsibility to guide our users easily. Follow the below guide step-by-step to understand how to download and install this game wisely.

  1. First, Click on the Download Button below.
  2. Select the folder and Download the Game.
  3. Open the folder; you’ll see it’s an IOS setup.
  4. Use Daemon Tool to Mount ISO file to your Disc or USB.
  5. Open the Disc or USB, Open the Setup.
  6. Select the Drive and Install the Game.
  7. Cheers! Enjoy the Game.
  8. The game is successfully installed.

For PC:


For GameCube:


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