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Top 4 GTA V Mods PC of 2021 – Install Guide for Mods in GTA 5

GTA V Mods PC is a modified version of the original GTA V with some extra features and themes. If you’re a GTA lover and have installed the GTA V game on your PC then it is highly recommended that you should download and try the GTA V Mods. It’s the best time for you to install the GTA V Mods PC Online. No doubt its almost seven years old game, but still in 2021, it’s one of the most popular games in the market. Recently Rockstar Company announced that more than 130 million copies of this game have been sold.


The company expected that a wide range of GTA lovers will return after this initiative of Epic Games Store gave away GTA 5 on PC for free. However, the offer is expired now but you can still buy it from the market at a cheap price. If you’re one of them who is playing GTA from childhood then you should go for it. There are some reasons why this game is so popular and still considered one of the best games for PC users. But here we talk about the GTA V Mods PC.

There are three modifications of GTA V made by the passionate community of GTA lovers. As we said before the GTA V Mods are the modified versions of the original game and it takes the game to the next height. In mods of GTA 5, you’ll see some extraordinary features and completely change this game into a new game.

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Within the past seven years, there are a lot of mods of GTA 5 are developed, so it is difficult for anyone to tell what are the best mods of the GTA V. Unfortunately, a wide range of GTA V Mods PC 2021 are good enough but some of them are not good at all and don’t have any worth to install and play.

But to make it easy for you to choose the best mods, here we’ll provide some of the best mods of GTA V in 2021 that you should install. We’ve also provided a complete guideline on how you can install these mods. So stay tuned!

How to Install GTA V Mods on PC?

The mods breathe a new life to the old Grand Theft Auto 5. But you’ve to take care of a couple of things before going into the games. Follow the below guidelines and install the GTA V Mods PC Full Version successfully and play the game easily.

Install Script Hook V for GTA 5:

The first and very important tool to install mods is Script Hook V. Click on the given link and download the .zip file then extract this file with WinRAR. Now open the extracted folder and copy the ScriptHookV.dll file and paste it into the main folder where you’ve installed the GTA V. People who are using Steam follow these steps; this file you can found in SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\. Now copy over dsound.dll and NativeTrainer.asi to the same folder.

Install GTA V LUA Plugin:

It is not sure that this plugin is required for GTA V Mods PC to be installed. But it is recommended that to install GTAV LUA Plugin because some mods require this. Now again repeat the same steps, open the .zip file and move the file LUA.asi to the main folder where GTA5.exe is available.

Install GTA 5 Mods:

With the help of the tools that are available above, it able you to download, install, and run any mod of GTA 5 Game. Every mod has its features and different instructions, so read that instruction carefully before installing the GTA V Mods PC Latest Version. Most of them just asking you to copy the file and paste in the main folder where GTA5.exe exists.

GTA V Mods PC Free Download

LUA Plugin is extremely important because it is necessarily required to download the mods. Some things that you’ve to make sure that you’ve copied the LUA file that comes with the mod into the ‘addins’ folder, you can found this file in the ‘scripts’ folder of GTA 5.

Now you’re ready to install and play the best GTA 5 mods.

GTA V Redux Mod:

GTA V Redux Mod is one of the best mod that’s why we categorized this mod at the top of the GTA V Mods PC. This modified version is completely different and too much enhanced from the original GTA V because it has 4K Textures, New Weather Effects, and much more. After seven years, GTA 5 is not looking good according to modern games. But GTA V Redux makes it awesome and good looks like modern games.

This mod not only enhances the graphics but also improves the vehicle system, police system, and much more. So, GTA V Redux takes the GTA V enjoyment to the next level.

GTA V Mods PC Online

Open All Interiors/Doors:

The open-world map of GTA 5 is full of large and different interior buildings. But many buildings are visually available but don’t allow you to enter. A small number of buildings that you can access easily. However, this GTA V Mods PC Download is a perfect solution to this problem. It allows you to enter a large number of buildings that were not accessible in the previous version. It not just only gives you access to a large area of the map but also improve the graphics and make it more realistic.

GTA V Mods PC How to Download

Complex Control Mod:

If you want to experience a different GTA V gameplay and want to change every expectation of the game then the Complex Control Mod is best you. It changes the system of the game and brings it to the battle royale game such as PUBG, Fortnite, etc. Also, it has 100 unique characters, new abilities, and a lot more new things. Complex Control gives you an overview that how much ambition the best GTA 5 mods can be.

GTA V Mods PC 2020

Gang and Turf Mod:

This GTA V Mods PC is a successor of the GTA San Andreas made on the story of the fictional state of San Andreas.  However, the GTA V this modified version is very much improved from the in the PS2 Game but there are some absences in this version, such as the Fun Gang feature. If you’re missing that feature you can get it with the Gang and Turf mod of GTA 5.

GTA V Mods PC Full Verison


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