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Need for Speed Carbon For PC (Latest 2021) Free Download For Windows

Need For Speed Carbon For PC is part of one of the world’s top video racing game series. It was developed by EA Canada and initially released for Windows users and consoles by Electronic arts in 2006. Due to the huge popularity of NFS underground 2 and NFS most wanted in the audience. The company decided to release a new game for our passionate users and released Need for Speed Carbon. It was two years after popular NFS Underground 2 and one year after NFS Most Wanted. This game managed the momentum of the EA games and continues the successful trend of NFS for millions of users worldwide.

Need For Speed Carbon For PC

With awesome features include freedom in upgrading car parts in Need For Speed Carbon For PC Free, and a wide variety of gameplay modes wins the heart of millions of gamers. Actually, these games are developed in the series with a perfect story of a brave man.

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After the dramatic end of the NFS Most Wanted single-player campaign, the brave man decided to move to fictional Palmont City. In this gameplay, he would again be different and dangerous tasked. Here, he will not only became a racer but also challenge and destroy the presence of underground racing gangs that have controlled four major areas of the city. The areas which are under control include – industrial complex, a downtown metropolitan area, a largely residential area, and a resort area.

Why Need For Speed Carbon For PC is So Popular?

On the huge popularity of the game, while on the other side it received negative criticism from many of the fans. Because the reason is, experts said; Underground and Most Wanted was mainly focused on the police pursuits and maintain them an integral part of the story. But in Need for Speed Carbon, developers decided to reduce the role of the police in-game and push the racing focus on competing underground racing gangs. Well, the new focus was executed well.

Need For Speed Carbon For PC Highly Compressed

Actually, people love to defeat police and race against police forces in this new gaming environment with new cars and new gameplay options. PC Gamers should know to appreciate the numerous customization options in Need For Speed Carbon For PC Windows 10 including extensive visual options. Now, you can run the game at all modern resolutions, and customizable input controls for both keyboard and gamepad users.

Seriously! It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular player of NFS games or you’re a casual player who just wants to find some extra adventure in this game, it would be a great choice for you. It’s crazy to think that Need for Speed Carbon is the 10th Game of the NFS Series. Still, this series is KING of arcade racing games worldwide.

Here we will talk about the game:

Story and Racing:

The previous game which was released one year ago NFS Most Wanted was an awesome story, and Need For Speed Carbon For PC Carbon continues that. Story! You’re a racer and coming back to your city where you’re not welcomed by underground gangs. Now you have to survive from last to top and take down all the underground gangs and prove your worth.

Need For Speed Carbon For PC Windows 10

The story is not so amazing and adventurous, but a decent one to catch the attraction of the user. Most wanted was great in different terms like the story, characters, etc. This game is not so interesting and spectacular as the previous game.

Smooth & Modern Visuals:

Before going into depth about the Need For Speed Carbon For PC Full Version, I say clearly that the visuals of this game are really awesome. You should appreciate the modern visuals of this game. I love those scenes when the racer goes back to the depth of NFS Underground their races take place at night. Everything is dark in visuals, but not actually, thanks to the cool neon that is around. The cars are looks awesome, with a customization feature of making your dream car.

Need For Speed Carbon For PC FulL Version

Let the Race Begin:

Don’t worry! The actual gameplay is the same as what you would expect. It has a lot of fun; you will enjoy the gameplay as you expected. You would love the new features of Need For Speed Carbon For PC such as the crew system where you challenge and race with different various gangs on the different areas of the map. Another improvement is, you’ll have a racing wingman which will help you. Sounds like a gimmick, but you will love it.

In NFS Carbon, EA didn’t try the new thing and reinvent the wheel. Instead of this, they continue the sequel of NFS Most Wanted and I personally think “It’s not a bad idea.” What do you think about it?

Need For Speed Carbon For PC Free Download

Furthermore, duels, races, and Challenge Series remind you that, there is a lot of other things you can do outside the Career mode in Need For Speed Carbon For PC 2020. For me, it’s like a multiple player game. Assaying generally, it’s the same as other typical Need for Speed games, I’m saying this in a positive way 😀

If you have played any of the seasons of the NFS series, you’ll be happy and you would love this game because of its awesome visuals and more. The overall gameplay is too smooth and nice. I personally think that the NFS Carbon is pretty solid and different in the NFS series. A lot of chances, that it may be the more forgotten games. However, I still love this game and enjoying it a lot. The night racing feature is actually extra fun. If you’re seriously looking for the best arcade racing game, you would go for this.

Key Features of Need for Speed Carbon For PC:

Here you will see the general look at the key features of this game.

  • Excellent Visuals
  • Top Rated Racing Game
  • 5 different modes for the better gaming experience
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Adventurous Story
  • New Cars and Features
  • Create your Dream Car

Need for Speed Carbon For PC System Requirements:

  • CPU:                       Pentium 4 or Equivalent
  • RAM:                       512MB
  • Graphics Card:       64MB NVIDIA Geforce4 Ti+/ATI Radeon 8500+
  • HDD/SDD Space:    5.3 GB
  • DX Version:             DirectX 11.0c

How to Download and Install Need for Speed Carbon For PC:

  1. Download the Need for Speed Carbon from the given link below.
  2. Now install the game into your PC.
  3. Enjoy the game!


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