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Snow Bros 1 Game For PC Latest Version (2021) Download

Snow Bros 1 Game was the favorite video game of 19’s children. It is a video game released by Toaplan in 1990. This game is the same as Bubble Bobble, it supports two players, and really fun to play this game. The fact is that it is available on a lot of other platforms, that’s why most people think it’s a cracker game.

On release, it was released just for a single platform. Later on, it was ported for many other platforms.  The developer of this game is Capcom, and Capcom released this game for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1991. Some other platforms such as Amiga, Atari, ST, Commodore, GX4000, and ZX Spectrum develop Snow Bros 1 Game Free for their platforms in the same year.

Snow Bros 1 Game

The most popular platform in regards to these platforms is Sega Genesis. Tengen Company is the founder of Sega Genesis, and they released this game for their platform in 1993. With additional levels, new background music and other creative scenes were introduced for Sega Genesis lovers.

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How to Play Snow Bros 1 Game:

It’s up to you if you want to play single or play with your partner. One player controls the one snowman, and the other player controls the other one. Nick and Tom – These are the names of two snowmen. They throw the snow on the enemies, once the enemies are fully covered with snow they turn into a snowball and knockout from the game. But, if the enemy is just partially covered with snow, the snowman will only move until the enemy gets out from the snow with a shake.

The most popular trick of Snow Bros 1 Game For PC is, the player can roll the enemy to knock out the other enemies who turned into a snowball. Probably, the enemy will rebound off walls at some time, or shatter against a wall. If the enemies covered snowball hits, other enemies will also knock out from the game.

Snow Bros 1 Game Online

The story of this game is simple, two players defeat the small enemies, and collect coins then go to eliminate the big enemy. The goal of Tom and Nick is to eliminate all the enemies, after that they will collect a lot of money in the form of large green bills. The money will be fall from the sky after the enemies’ elimination. The worth of one round is 10,000 points for each player, but it can be increased if you eliminate more enemies.

The Gameplay of SnowBros 1 Game:

As I said before, the story is simple and this game is based on different levels. The Boss will appear after every 10 levels, and you have to defeat to move forward. As far as levels are gone, the boss will be more powerful and it will difficult to defeat the boss. Boss will hit 10x more you than normal enemies.

If the snowman’s bowl an enemy over, you will get an extra attack feature “Lanterns Drop”. Furthermore, Lantern has further different powers in it. You can guess the lantern power your snowmen acquires by its color. Unfortunately! If you knock out once by the enemy, you will lose your power. All of the levels must be finishing fast.

Snow Bros 1 Game Download

If you take more time, the evil pumpkin will appear on your screen and try to kill your snowmen. Fact! The pumpkin head is invincible, and at some points, it will be like spawn ghosts and travel with you to the next levels and try to kill your character. Players can get rid of this by eliminating all the enemies and passing all the levels quickly.

Snow Bros 1 Game Online was too popular in the 19’s and still has a huge fan following in kids. People of all ages enjoy this game and appreciate this with good reviews. Game Spot users rate this game 8.9 out of 10, but unfortunately! This game for Sega Genesis was not so popular as other platforms. Sega Genesis users review this game with 6.8 out of 10.

Chill Out:

Wear your gloves and get ready for the unlimited fun in a winter wonderland for snow bunnies. Tom can play alone, but the real fun and enjoyment of this game are playing multiplayer with Nick.

The brother’s in Snow Bros 1 Game Nick and Tom battle for the five levels, each level with ten different stages to clear. Each stage is different giant visuals and configurations and you have to survive. As per my opinion, Wow what a graphics is it! Awesome colors and deadly enemies on every stage. Different enemies with different powers like the fire-spit-ting gargoyles to the fuzzy knife-tossing blue meanies who turn into whirling cyclones; each enemy is filled with its own different powers. At the end of level 10, a giant boss monster is waiting for you.

Snow Bros 1 Game Free Download

Cool Dudes:

As I said early, Snow Bros 1 Game Free Download For PC is similar to Bubble Bobble – the brothers must fight with the enemies to get a ticket to proceed to the next level. Nick and Tom have only one weapon which will help them to survive, the weapon is Snow! But I think, it’s enough and more powerful than any other weapon in this game, you’ll see what they can do with this. Nick and Tom throw snow to the enemies, roll it into man-sized boulders, and send to the boulders thundering down slopes, across ledges, and try everything to knock out the enemies.

Tasty Frozen Treats:

Wait! This game has something further for you. The brothers can acquire special items that give them special abilities to survive to the end of the Snow Bros 1 Game. After the elimination of all enemies, they have a chance to win an extra bonus by playing slot machines.

Snow Bros 1 Game Download For PC

There’s No Business like Snow Business:

Snow Bros has something different, which grabs the heart of the gamers. It’s feeling like a classical game such as Bubble Bobble and Mario. Except for music, everything about this game is perfect.  The difficulty level is not like top rated but it’s enough entertainment for advanced gamers as well. Check it out!

Technical Details of Snow Bros 1 Game:

Release Year:                       1999

Developers:                          Toaplan

Platforms:                              PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation and Sega Genesis

Snow Bros 1 Game System Requirements:

  1. Graphics Card:       64 MB
  2. RAM:                       128 MB RAM
  3. Processor:              600 MHz
  4. Windows OS:          Windows XP,7,8,8.1 and 10

How to Download & Install SnowBros 1 Game:

  1. Click on the download button and install this game.
  2. After downloading, install this game into your PC.
  3. Hurray! Enjoy the game.


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