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Tekken 5 PC Game and PS2 (Latest 2021) Full Version Free Download

Tekken 5 PC Game is part of the world’s top action gaming series TEKKEN. It was published by Namco on 24th June 2004 in the market for PS2 users and for arcades in 2005. It’s a fifth part of the most famous Tekken gaming series. This time, developers of this game take this series back to its basics with a lot of new visuals and graphics. However, this version comes with some new changes such as a new fighting system, new characters with new powers as well.

Tekken 5 PC Game

You will see a new crush system that will definitely change your mind regarding your favorite character. So, Be Ready! Another awesome and the best feature in Tekken 5 PC Game Free according to my point of view are; now you can customize your character, change outfits, and outlooks of your favorite character. Not finish yet! There are some new gaming modes for users such as Survival, Time Attack, and Arcade Battle. The story mode is still here!

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Now there are 32 characters for you to play the game, 7 new characters are in it with extra abilities. The visuals of this game are well managed and very smooth. You should appreciate the developers because this time they win the heart of the Tekken lovers.

Game Discussion:

At the time of Tekken 4, users were really disappointed and criticize Namco for a poor game. But in Tekken 5 PC Game, they fulfill all the requirements, what peoples are asking from them. That’s why it is one of my favorite games. It’s a very rare occasion that the home version of this game is better than the arcade. Still, PS users are blaming Namco.

Tekken 5 PC Game Free

Iron Fist of the King:

Think about what really grabs you to this game, it is just because of its feel like “Tekken”. There are lots of opinions about many peoples. As I said before; there was something off and bad about Tekken 4. Special thanks to Namco, rather than building their opinion, Namco decided to went back and provide the real Tekken Tag experience to its users. Tekken 5 PC Game Full Version is a real example. Tekken 5 Gameplay is the same as Tekken and it’s a perfect thing.

Tekken is different from any other game, anyone can play this game and enjoy the action. Doesn’t matter, what is your age and what is your gender, you can play this game. It’s like a button masher game. It’s a fact that fighting is art, and you have to be a skilled person to fight with another skilled player.

Tekken 5 PC Game Compressed File

Best Around:

Tekken 5 PC Game is the best fighting game for play station and PC users. This is a gaming series, that always known because of its perfect high-quality graphics, visuals, sound, and lighting techniques. Customize your character, change outfits, and change the outfit’s colors of your characters. Personally! I note this with the character’s face and face animations. That looks great when you’re in a fight with the other player. Soundtracks are just outclassed and rock! I love the music when the fighter kicks and starts his combo attack on another player.  The mixture of all these things makes Tekken 5 PC Game 2020 perfect from any other game.

Tekken 5 PC Game Full Version


There is no shortage of game modes. It’s up to you to select the mode, select your favorite character, start the arcade mode, and fight with the mind of characters and beat the final boss to the end. There is also a time attack mode, vs mode, and a new beat-em-up mode called The Devil that I’m actually addicted to. All of these features are for everyone, well! My favorite character is Paul; I love to play with Paul because of its powerful punch. You may choose your own character.

Tekken 5 PC Game Download

Three of the Best:

If you’re a true Tekken lover, this game is perfect for you. You can get the historical arcade versions like Tekken 1, 2, 3, and Tekken 5. They all are almost the same, so you have a perfect combination of fighting games.

Every game gives an option to its player to choose their character. While most of them go with the default selected player. Moreover, there are thirty-two playable characters available in this game that you can use for your fight. Most of the characters of Tekken 4 such as Christie Monteiro, Bryan Fury, Eddy Gordo, Craig Marduk, Jin Kazama, Heihachi Mishima, Hwoarang, Kazuya Mishima, Julia Chang, Lei Wulong, Lee Chaolan, Yoshimitsu, Steve Fox, Paul Phoenix, Panda, Marshall Law, Ling Xiaoyu, and Nina Williams came back in the Tekken 5 with much more improvement and attacking power.

It’s the first time that Tekken allows you to customize your character, such as change the colors of their costumes, and equip some extra elements on the body of your character. You can also play some other mods such as Arcade Battle, Devil Within, Survival, Story, and Time Attack. It’s a blockbuster by Tekken.

Tekken 5 PC Game Features:

Here you will see the key features of this game that make it the heart win game of millions of Tekken lovers.

  1. Awesome Gameplay with Awesome Visuals
  2. High-quality Graphics and Sound Effects
  3. Switch your Character into 32 other characters
  4. 7 New Players
  5. Different Gameplay Modes
  6. Unlimited Fighting
  7. New Crush System
  8. New Fighting Techniques

Tekken 5 PC Game 2020

Tekken 5 PC Game System Requirements:

We love our visitors, and it’s our duty to guide our users in-depth. Here you will see the minimum and recommended system requirements for this game.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS:                       Windows XP or Windows Vista (64-bit)
  • Processor:           Intel i3
  • RAM:                    1 GB RAM
  • HDD/SDD Space: 2 GB
  • Graphics Card:    2.0 Shader with 256 MB Free
  • Sound Card:        Yes

Recommended System Requirements:

  • OS:                       Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • RAM:                    2 GB RAM
  • HDD/SDD Space: 2+ GB
  • Graphics Card:   3.0 Pixel Shader with 512 MB Free
  • Sound Card:       Yes
  • DX Version:        10.0c

How to Download and Install Tekken 5 PC Game:

  1. First of all, click on the download button to download the Game.
  2. Select the folder where you want to download this Game.
  3. Open the folder, run the setup.
  4. Install the Game.
  5. Cheers, All Set!
  6. Enjoy the Game.

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