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Download 360 Total Security Premium License Keygen (2021 Latest)

360 Total Security Premium 10 is antivirus software. It protects and cleans our devices from viruses. It also detects malicious software and unwanted party attacks. This software is used by many users just because of its best performance and activities. This software accelerates and cleans up the viruses just because of these properties it is the most widely used software worldwide. 360 Total Security software was released by a Chinese company Qihu. Many people use this software after testing its performance and qualities. 360 Total Security is an antivirus program that prevents our device from bad actions and unnecessary hacking actions of third parties.

360 Total Security Premium

360 Total Security Latest Version simply detects and tackles undesired actions and viruses. This program firstly detects all files then examines those files and decides which file will be deleted and which will remain in the remainder. Its functions “accelerate” and “cleanup” is its main property which supports it to detect and delete the undesired files and virus. These functions can support your computer to work properly and to show its proper functioning. 360 Total Security Premium firstly compares all the files present in the computer then deletes all the unsupported files and the remainder files are all working files.

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360 Total Security Premium 10 Serial Key:

360 Total Security Premium also detects those programs which started automatically on the start of the computer which letting it slow. 360 Total Security detects those programs and deletes them from the personal computer system. It helps computers to maintain their functionality and to delete all the unsupported files and unnecessary actions of third parties. 360 Total Security is in short a very effective and outclass software to protect user’s personal computers.

Safety Values: 360 Total Security Premium protects you from cybercrime. For example when you are shopping online, Surfing websites, and downloading any file online. You have the threat of leaking your data so 360 Total Security protects you from hacking your data.

Appropriate Platforms: Windows, Android, and MAC are the supported platforms to use 360 Total Security

Protection: 360 Total Security gives protection to your data and your computer. It back up all the files before they affected when it senses the threat of virus or malware programs.

Cost: 0 dollars; this antivirus is free of cost. You can download this software without any cost.


360 total security license key

360 Total Security Premium Key Characteristics:

  1. This gives a user a stable and very simple interface for interaction.
  2. 360 Total Security Premium enhances the security of your computer.
  3. This also gives a fine feature of analyzing the disk.
  4. This can perform the auto-updating of our drivers.
  5. 360 Total Security gives powerful privacy and protection.
  6. Make our system to protect from virus and malware attacks.
  7. It gives a complete sandbox to filter or purify our data.
  8. 360 Total Security Premium is very reliable and easy to use and handle.
  9. It is supported by all the platforms and systems.
  10. 360 Total Security keeps our system up-to-date.

Latest characteristics of 360 Total Security Premium:

  1. Crystal clear port along with easy and less time-consuming functionality.
  2. System diagnostic and manage the computer.
  3. Startup apps.

Requirements of 360 Total Security Premium

  1. Available storage space: 600 MBs.
  2. Ram required: 512 MB.

More useful information about 360 Total Security Premium Total10

360 Total Security Premium is cracked software. It has 69.14MB in size. Its language is very simple and easy that is a well-known language in English. It has been released by a Chinese company Qihoo. Its system requirements are Windows 7/ Vista/7/8/8.1/10. Its new version is

360 total security license key free

Methods to use 360 Total Security Premium

  1. First of all download 360 Total Security on your computer system.
  2. Open this and run this file on the computer.
  3. Click on the installed option and let it installed.
  4. Just stop and wait for the installing process.
  5. After installing the setup, you click on the activating the option.
  6. After a moment you have a display of a “done” message.
  7. Finally, the installation of software is completed.
  8. Now enjoy all the characteristics of 360 Total Security

Protection as Antivirus

360 Total Security Premium has five antivirus motors, which are the following:

  1. 360 Total Security cloud check out engine motors
  2. QVMII AI Engine motor
  3. System Repair Engine unit
  4. Avira AntiVirus Engine unit and Bit defender.

The past protection of software enables you to set the amount of protection which 360 Total Security will give your PC.

Improve the speed of software

360 Total Security is very effective and up-to-date. Fewer computer users can also handle and use this software easily and effectively. They have to just follow the starting module and easily scan and compare the files which have to delete or which have to keep on the computer. In short, this software is very easy and effective to use. If the user faces any difficulty or problem with its new features he can visit the manufacturer’s website and ask any type of question about the issue or hurdle which was facing in the use of this software.

360 total security download

  1. It has several search engines and search motors.
  2. Integral firewall.
  3. It has a combination of many or several antivirus software or antivirus engines that are proven.
  4. Highly strict protection.
  5. Filtering or sandboxing of applications is done in this software.
  6. The cleaning power of unsupported files and many other tools.
  1. This software is deal with high care and properly.
  2. It includes many paid-only features alongside free tools.
  3. It scores lower in AV-TEST reports.
  4. It incorporates ads and recommendations.


360 Total Security Premium is a very unique and powerful antivirus tool that keeps our data and files protected. 360 Total Security keeps our system and computer very secure and protected. It helps us in keeping our system secure fully and satisfied. It is very easy to use and handle.


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