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Download Free CleanMyPC 2021 For PC

CleanMyPC includes a suite of cleaning tools for Windows computers. The main cleaning component promises to remove gigabytes of files from a PC and is backed up by five maintenance tools: Secure Erase, Full Uninstall, Registry Maintenance, Autorun, and Gadgets and Extensions Manager. The main cleaning component promises to remove gigabytes of files from a PC and is backed up by five maintenance tools: Secure Erase, Full Uninstall, Registry Maintenance, Autorun, and Gadgets and Extensions Manager.

Available for Windows 10, 8, and 7 users and priced at just $ 39.95 for a single PC license, CleanMyPC is easy-to-use, lightweight software to clean up junk files from your computer, optimize your computer’s time. Windows startup and guarantee your PC is working properly. The program is made up of eight separate tools, including a disk cleaner, a registry “corrector”, a secure file deletion tool, and an uninstaller.


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During this review, you will see that I found the software to be both easy to use and efficient. It cleaned over 5GB of junk files from my PC and fixed over 100 registry issues within minutes. Aimed at users who want an all-in-one solution to keep their PC up to date, CleanMyPC integrates and builds on many existing Windows tools to provide a simple, non-technical option for IT maintenance.

We also tested CleanMyMac, another maintenance tool designed for Mac users, also from MacPaw. I called it “maybe the best Mac cleaner app.” Today I’m going to take a look at CleanMyPC, the Windows-based alternative, to see if MacPaw can replicate this success for PC users.

CleanMyPC free download

CleanMyMac Features:

PC Cleaning

We’ll start with the main selling point of this cleaner, its file cleaner. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, having not performed a scan for a few weeks, CleanMyPC found just over 1GB more junk files to delete than CCleaner – around 2.5GB cache files, temperature, and memory dump in total.

CCleaner gives you the ability to see exactly which files have been found and marked for deletion, which the MacPaw program lacks, but there’s no denying that CleanMyPC does a thorough search of your hard drive.

Registry Cleaner

Much like the cleaning application, CleanMyPC appeared to be much more in-depth in its search for registry “problems” to resolve than CCleaner, finding 112 in total while Piriform’s software only identified seven.

CleanMyPC latest version

Again, the scan was simple to perform and quick to complete. The vast majority of issues identified by these two programs – and all the others I’ve tried before, for that matter – are issues that users would never have noticed, however, so it’s hard to gauge the effect. a quick registry cleanup like this. has it on your PC. Nonetheless, it is reassuring that MacPaw has made his tool so comprehensive in the performance of his duties.

Uninstallation Program

The CleanMyPC uninstall feature is divided into two parts. First, it runs the uninstaller for the selected program, the one the developer created, and then it runs CleanMyPC’s own service to tidy up the files and extensions typically left behind by the uninstallation process.

You are unlikely to save a lot of disk space with a feature like this. In my experience, these are usually just empty folders left behind or registry associations. This could, however, help keep everything organized and structured on your disk and prevent any registry issues in the future.


Hibernation files are used by Windows in a very low-power state called, you guessed it, hibernation. Used mostly on laptops, hibernation is a way for your computer to consume virtually no power while remembering your files and the state of the PC before shutting it down. It is similar to sleep mode, but instead of open files being stored in RAM until the computer is awakened again, information is saved to your hard drive to consume less power.

CleanMyPC for free


The program’s built-in Extensions Manager is a simple tool for removing unwanted browser extensions and Windows gadgets, showing a list of each extension enabled in all browsers installed on your PC.

With the click of a button, any extension can be uninstalled in seconds. This may not be useful for most users, but it can save the life of those whose browsers are cluttered with multiple add-ons or those who want to clean up multiple browsers at once.

Automatic execution

Staying on top of programs that are running on startup is an easy way to get your PC up and running fast, and slow boot times are one of the biggest complaints people often have with older PCs that haven’t been dealt with. . Quite often, multiple programs can be added to the startup list without users realizing it, adding seconds of startup time to no real benefit to the user.

Managing the programs that run when you start Windows is a fairly straightforward process without using any additional software. However, MacPaw’s tools do a good job of presenting a simple list to users, with an “on-off” switch for each item.

CleanMyPC free


The Privacy tab allows you to manage the information stored in each of your installed browsers, with the ability to individually clear caches, recorded history, sessions and cookie information for each.

This is something that could be managed manually with the options built into each browser, but CleanMyPC’s interface offers a quick and easy way to manage them all at once. This is a great thing to have if you are refreshing your entire PC.


The latest tool in the MacPaw suite is the “shredder,” a method of securely erasing files and folders from your computer that you want unrecoverable. Designed with sensitive information in mind, like financial records or password files, Shredder deletes files you select, then overwrites them up to three times to ensure they cannot be recovered .

CleanMyPC shredder

How did potentially unwanted applications get installed on my computer?

It is common for various potentially unwanted applications to be distributed by making them part of the download and/or installation setups of other programs as additional offers. This method of distribution is called “bundling”. Typically, information about additional downloads and/or installations is provided in “Custom”, “Advanced” and other configuration settings.

The same settings can be used to decline offers to download and/or install included applications. However, not all users check them (or change them). When they download and/or install programs without changing the aforementioned settings, they give the additionally included applications permission to be downloaded and/or installed as well. Additionally, unwanted downloads and/or installations can be caused by clicking on deceptive advertisements designed to run certain scripts.



What is CleanMyPC?

It is a suite of tools designed to help you clean junk files from your PC and ensure that it keeps running smoothly and quickly.

While the main attraction is its “cleaning” service, scanning your computer for any junk files that may take up space, it offers eight tools in total, including a service for cleaning your PC’s registry. , an uninstallation tool, options to manage autorun settings, and a browser extensions manager.

Is CleanMyPC free?

No, this is not the case. Although there is a free trial and the download is free, you will be limited to a one-time cleanup of 500MB and up to 50 fixed items in your registry. The free trial should be considered more of a demo than a free version, as most users will hit these limits almost immediately.

How much does CleanMyPC cost?

If you want to go beyond the free trial, you will need to purchase a license. It is available for $ 39.95 for a single computer, $ 59.95 for two, or $ 89.95 for the “Family Pack” with codes for five computers.

Is CleanMyPC safe?

Yes, it is. I downloaded the program from the developer’s website and had no issues after installing it on two separate PCs. Nothing has been reported as malware or viruses, and I have not encountered any compatibility issues with other software.


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