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KMSAuto Activator Download (Latest 2021) Final Version

KMSAuto Activator is another tool offered by Team Daz, working on the KMS technology. KMSAuto is a tool that you can use to activate Microsoft Windows as well as Microsoft Office. There are two top Microsoft product activation tools on the market, and both of them developed by Team Daz. The name of both tools are KMSpico Activator and KMS Auto Activator Windows 10, also there is a third tool available which name is Microsoft Toolkit. Microsoft Toolkit is not so popular and not recommended as well.

KMSAuto Activator

With the help of this software, you can get the full version of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows free of cost. There are many other top-rated features of this software which I have listed below. Go down and check out!

The reason why millions of windows users use this tool is its security and reliability. It’s safe and more effective than any other software in the market. Some of the tools offer that they give you the lifetime activation, but failed and give you one or two month’s activation. That is annoying. KMSAuto Activator Download free

Activate your desired Microsoft Product such as Microsoft Office & Microsoft Windows with KMSpico Activator.

What is KMSAuto Activator?

KMSAuto is the tool that is used to activate Microsoft Windows. It’s a secured tool because it was developed under the supervision of expert developers of Team Daz. It will give you a permanent and secure activation of Microsoft Windows, so you don’t need to worry about activating the Window again and again. This tool not only activates the Windows but also activates the Microsoft Office products includes Microsoft 365, 2019 version, or more…

KMSAuto Activator Windows 10

The KMS (Key Management Server) technology used in the development of KMS Auto Activator Windows 10 Free Download was introduced by Microsoft, and Bill Gates itself. As we all know that Microsoft is working with so many companies, so it was difficult for the companies to verify every single PC with a separate registration key.

Suppose, they’ve thousands of computers in their offices, it’s a too time-wasting and lengthy task to activate every single machine. So, Microsoft solves this problem and introduced the KMS technology, which will connect all the computers to the main server, and activate all the machines at once. It will also show that your PC is also a part of the KMS Server, and this is the way that KMS able you to activate Windows and Office at once. Wow!

Why Use KMS Auto Activator?

More than 80% of PC users all around the world using Microsoft Operating Systems in their machines. The reason for this popularity is Microsoft’s user-friendly interface, easy manuals and it is too easy to use. Even a little boy of 8 years can easily use Microsoft.  Now the problem is that whenever someone installs Microsoft Windows as an operating system it will give you a trial of 30 days. When the end of the trail, you’ll not be able to do anything on your PC, most of the features will restrict. Download KMSAuto Activator Latest Version 2021

KMSAuto Activator Windows 10 Free

After that, you’ll see the activate Windows watermark on your PC desktop screen. And when you click on the activate Windows watermark, it will ask you to enter the product key. Product Key of Microsoft Products is too expensive, not everyone has enough money to buy the product key. So people started to find the product key online, which is a time-consuming task. I face this problem when I was a new user of Microsoft.

To avoid the problem of millions of Microsoft users, Team Daz decided to take a charge and developed KMSAuto Activator 2021. Now you don’t need to waste your precious time searching keys online. Activate your Windows with just a single click with the help of this software.

Key Features:

As you know that this software is all in one gold mine for Windows users. So, you’ll see the quick overview of the features of this tool that will help you to understand the working of KMSAuto.

Free to Use:

As we all know that Microsoft Products are expensive, not everyone has money to buy such expensive products. But KMS Auto Activator is free and it will give you’re a permanent activation free of cost. There is also no hidden charges of this software. You can use it and activate your computer within seconds.

KMSAuto Activator Office 365

Activate all Windows Versions:

The good thing of this software is, this software is not only developed for some specific Windows versions but all old and latest versions of Windows such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. That’s why we call this software, all in one tool. You don’t need to find multiple activators to activate different versions of Windows.

Activate all Office Versions:

As we said before, KMS Auto Activator Download is not only just activating the Windows but also a good software for Microsoft Office versions. You can activate the different versions of Windows such as MS Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and the famous Microsoft 365 as well.

Single Click Activation:

The internet is full of activators, but the problem of that software is they’re very complex to use. Means you’ve to follow the step by step guidelines to activate your Windows, that is a time-consuming task. But KMSAuto Activator allows you to activate Windows and Office with just a single click.

32Bit and 64Bit Supported:

If you’re using the low-end PC of 32Bit or high-end PC of 64Bit and getting confused about what system architecture this software support. Don’t worry; it was developed in a way that it is fully compatible with 32Bit and 64Bit system software.

KMSAuto Activator Latest Version

Auto Detect System:

One of the features of this tool is the Auto Detect System feature, which means you don’t have to worry about which Windows, Hardware, Firmware version you’re using right now. Most of the peoples don’t know much about their computers, so it is difficult for them to choose your system in a large drop-down menu.

But KMSAuto Activator Latest Version will detect automatically which Windows OS, Hardware, Firmware you’re using. Don’t worry; it is not harmful to your PC.

Secure and Reliable:

It is safe and secure software to activate your windows or office. It is fully secured and free from any type of malware or antivirus.

Life Time Activation:

Now you don’t need to activate your windows again and again because it will give you a lifetime solution. A permanent activation until you install the new window on your computer.

Standalone Working:

If you don’t have an internet connection and want to activate your windows while traveling or at your home with no internet connection. You can use KMSAuto Activator because it supports offline activation.

Genuine Activation Key:

Most of the activation tools don’t give you the genuine activation and you will be caught by the Microsoft Servers or maybe its cause you to lost your data. But KMSAuto will activate your windows with a genuine key because this technology is developed by Microsoft itself.

How to Download & Install KMSAuto Activator:

Follow the below guidelines to download and install this software quickly.

KMSAuto Activator Download:

  1. Click on the Download Button and Download file.
  2. It will take a few seconds to download the file, depend on your internet connection.
  3. The file is downloaded.

Install KMSAuto Activator:

  1. After downloading, you’ll see the extension file extension is.RAR.
  2. Extract the files with WinRAR.
  3. Open the directory, find the KMSeldi.exe file.
  4. Run it as an Administrator.
  5. Activate the windows.


How to Activate Windows 10 Using KMSAuto Activator:

Now we’ve successfully downloaded and installed the software, now it’s time to guide you on how to activate your Windows.

Follow the step by step guideline to activate your Windows:

  1. Open this tool, when you open this tool you’ll see there are two sections. One of them is activation and the other is information. In the information section, you’ll see two other options Windows Info and Office Info.
  2. Now click on the Activation button, again you’ll see two options activate Windows and activate Office. Now it’s up to you, if you want to just activate your Windows, click on activate Windows or if Office, click on activate Office in KMSAuto Activator.
  3. Now your Window is activated. If you want to see, go to your PC control panel>System and Security>System and you’ll see your window is activated.

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