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PrimeOS Download 2021 Latest Version Free Download for PC

PrimeOS Download is basically an Android-x86 based desktop operating system for those who want to enjoy the fusion of Android and PC on their x86 based device. It is providing all the advanced features such as multi-window, taskbar, and deca-pro key mapper for gamers. You will experience the desktop screen is similar to Windows and macOS. Moreover, it will give you access to millions of android apps. It will change your thoughts about the android system because it will totally change the interface of your device. It will show you multiple features on the home screen such as the start menu, taskbar, etc.

PrimeOS Download

PrimeOS Download for PC Multiple Windows feature will give you options of maximizing, minimize, close, resize, etc. Your device user interface will totally in your control. If you’re feeling irritating during using any app, you can disable the multi-window feature for any app. It will give you complete control on Windows shortcut keys such as alt + tab, alt + f4, win + d, etc. This OS is designed in a way that it gives you control over all feature. If you don’t want any extra features, you can disable them. Moreover, it will remind you of the AOSP experience with only necessary desktop features.

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PrimeOS Download bottom taskbar of the desktop screen will allow you to pin apps, show notification, and system icons. If you’re playing games on PC with mouse and keyboard and want to track keys with key mapping tools, all you need to press just the F10 button. Some of the most popular pre-mapped games are PUBG,  Freefire, Subway surf, etc.

PrimeOS Download mega

Multiple Features:

PrimeOS comes with the best features in any operating system. That’s why it is considered as the most flexible operating system. PrimeOS Download Free will give you the best desktop experience more than any other operating system. These multiple features are as follows, start menu, taskbar, etc. These features make this operating system best regarding user experience and smooth working. Moreover, it is best for gaming experience.

PrimeOS Download iso

Multiple-Window Support:

Multiple-Windows Support feature is considered as the best feature in any of the operating system because it is introduced for user ease. User can do multiple tasks at the same time as he wants to listen to music while typing, he can do it. If you want to use multiple programs together and want to quickly switch from one window to another. Multiple-Windows support feature is best for you. PrimeOS Download allows you to do multiple tasks such as maximize, minimize, close, resize, etc. Users can also disable this feature if they don’t want to use it. But for professional PC users, it is highly recommended to them to use this feature.

Keyboard Shortcut:

Keyboard shortcut keys are just made for the ease of the user. Many of the advanced operating systems support shortcut keys such as lt+Tab, Alt+F4, WIN+D, etc.

Advanced Taskbar:

PrimeOS Download Mega comes with something new in the market. It has a feature of pin the apps in the taskbar and show all the notifications of the app within the taskbar. Interesting! It is the most useful feature for social persons who love to use social media and keep themselves aware of any social media activity.

PrimeOS Download free

PrimeOS Features:

Here you’ll see the features of this app that will help you to understand the working of PrimeOS Download.

Desktop User Experience:

  • Multiple features include the start menu, taskbar, etc for better user experience
  • Multiple-Windows support feature with maximize, minimize, close and resize, etc.
  • Ability to disable multiple-windows feature while using any app
  • All necessary keyboard shortcuts such as alt + tab, alt + f4, win + d, etc
  • ASOP experience if use OS with necessary desktop features
  • Pin apps show notifications and system icons in the taskbar

Gaming Experience:

  • While playing games with keyboard and mouse, press F12 to quickly set controls with DiCaprio key mapping tool
  • Pre-mapped some popular games such as PUBG, Subway surf, etc
  • GPU tool is available to check the fake GPU for any game

Other Features:

  • Open gaps area available, you don’t need to install them manually
  • It is OTA supported in case of If you install EXT4 RW partition
  • Separate Feedback program. Leave your feedback if you like this OS or give your suggestions to developers

PrimeOS Download for pc

PrimeOS Download Technical Details:

  • Software Name:                        PrimeOS
  • Software Size:                          1 GB
  • Publisher:                                 Team PrimeOS
  • License:                                     FreeWare
  • Language:                                 English
  • Requirement:                            Windows OS

System Requirements

  • OS:                                              Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac
  • RAM:                                           2 GB RAM
  • HDD/SDD Space:                       8 GB Storage
  • CPU:                                           Intel and AMD compatible processor

PrimeOS Download for windows

Installation through PrimeOS Installer

The company launched its own PrimeOS launcher to install the PrimeOS in 64 bit UEFI systems in dual-boot mode alongside Windows. Follow the steps below to quickly install the PrimeOS Download for Windows.

  1. Download and launch the program.
  2. After that, choose a separate partition for PrimeOS.
  3. Start the installation process.
  4. Note that, ignore all the cmd and disk manager pop-ups during the installation process.
  5. The system will restart automatically to complete the installation.
  6. After installation, it will show you an option of two boot menus for both PrimeOS and Windows.

Manually Installation Process

  • If you’re going to install PrimeOS with USB/Flash Disk then this is the perfect guide for you.
  • For this process, you must have an Etcher / Rufus in your PC. Download the PrimeOS Download ISO file. It is recommended that to use them almost 8 GB USB drive.
  • Turn in your USB drive in your PC, run the Etcher / Rufus. Now select the prime ISO file and make your USB bootable.
  • Note that, before making bootable your device, save your data in any other folder.
  • For installing PrimeOS, clean your one drive or create a new partition with a minimum space of 16GB.
  • Now restart your system and run the bootable setup of PrimeOS USB by pressing ESC or F12.
  • Now select the ‘Install PrimeOS option from the GRUB menu.
  • Choose your created partition and install this operating system.
  • All finish!

PrimeOS Classic:

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PrimeOS Standard:

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PrimeOS Mainline:

Windows Installer:





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