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Where is the Steam Screenshot Folder And How to Change Location

The screenshot is simply defined as the capture your screen and it displays your screen in the form of an image. The screenshot is the takes on your system with the built-in tool that is always saved in the images files and sometimes in the screenshot folder. In the steam games, you can press F12 and get the screenshot of the current game. But where is the steam screenshot folder? How to change the steam screenshot folder? So here we will tell you about the screenshot steam folder for Windows but firstly I want to share something with you

Last night I was playing the outclass game and at that moment I want to take a screenshot and send it to my friend to scare her. But at first how I supposed that the screenshots were usually saved in the Stream screenshot folder. But where is the steam screenshot folder? So, I tried looking for it by going into Steam settings, flipping through the various menu options, and all that. I even tried looking through my system to see if it was stored on the hard drive.

Steam Screenshot Manager

And I still couldn’t find it. At this point, I put my hat on and decided to Google it and see where my Steam screenshots are saved and managed. Then What I found was that the screenshots. you take the screenshot when you press the F12 button. The screenshot stored in a hidden place that is called Screenshots. Which is located inside the In-Game directory directly on your Steam client. Steam doesn’t exactly facilitate this process to find these screenshots, so there are a few steps to it. So, in this, I will explain precisely how to access the Steam Screenshots folder as well as some alternative shortcut tricks.

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Steam is a well-known digital video game developed by Valve. You can get all the newest and most popular games on Steam. Various PC gamers download or purchase many games on Steam Many of you know that you can take a steam screenshot while playing by using the F12 key. When you press the F12 key then it will take the screenshot and automatically save it to your system. But the question is the where is it save, how to access the steam screenshot folder. So, if you don’t know about it so here the following methods. So, let’s take a look one by one.

Access the Steam Screenshot folder by Steam Screenshot Manager:

The Steam client has the screenshot manager built-in, so you can view the Steams screenshot through the screenshot manager. These are the detailed steps are given below.

steam default screenshot folder

  • Start the Steam program.
  • Then, click View in the upper left corner of the Steam program window.
  • Then choose the Screenshots from the pull-down menu.
  • Click the Screenshots under View
  • You can see all your Steam screenshots are shown here.
  • You can also click the Show on the disk button and able to view the Steam screenshot folder on your hard disk.

steam screenshot folder location

So, you know how to access the steam screenshot folder by using the steam screenshot manager. With the built-in function, you can also upload or delete the steam screenshot. So, it is not the only way we will show you more.

Access the Steam Screenshot Folder via Hard Drive:

Every user has their own screenshots folder in which they saved all screenshots taken from the games. This folder is where Steam is currently installed and the default location of this is local disk C. By accessing the Steam screenshot folder on your hard then you can view your saved screenshots of the game. So here are the detailed steps

steam screenshot folder

  • Open File Explorer of windows / This PC on your computer.
  • Follow the path C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ user data \ <yourSteamID> \ 760 \ remote \ <app – ID> \ screenshots.
  • Then Open the Steam screenshot Folder.

If you don’t know Your steam ID then you can open your steam client. Simply click the View> Settings> Interface. Then the box will be shown “Show Steam URL when available” open that and click OK to the save. Then simply go to view to the profile and the number at the end of the steam is your steam ID.

How to Change Steam Screenshot Folder Location:

The location of the Steam screenshot folder can also be changed and developed. If you really need to change the location of the Steam screenshot Folder. The following steps are given below.

default steam screenshot folder

  • Start the Steam
  • In the main interface click the View> Settings.
  • In the new pop-up window just click In-Game.
  • Under the screen shortcut key option choose the screenshot folder listed below
  • You can select or create a new folder to save the Steam screenshots.
  • Then click Select and OK.

If you still can’t access your Steam screenshot Folder:

If you have tried everything in this guide and still find that you can’t locate the screenshots. Then simply click the link to take you directly go to the location of the screenshots on your Steam: So, if the stream changes the location then the above link will automatically change.

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